Human Head Reveals New Rune Details

The developer releases information on its upcoming 3D action game based on Viking mythology. Plus, we have new shots from the game.


Human Head Studios and Gathering of Developers have released more information on their upcoming 3D action game, Rune. Players will enter the Dark Ages and assume the role of the mighty Viking warrior Ragnar. Ragnar must fight his way through 25 levels, fighting creatures based on Viking mythology, exploring detailed environments, and saving his people from an unknown evil. An additional multiplayer mode will include deathmatch and team deathmatch.

The game uses an enhanced version of the Unreal Tournament engine and includes skeletal animation, advanced shadowing, and an improved particle effects system. These improvements allowed the developers to create realistic environments and lifelike animations that react to wounds. Particle effects such as fire, smoke, and dust add realism to detailed caverns and natural outdoor environments.

The game's combat system involves a two-key attack and defense system, and it adjusts Ragnar's attacks based on his movement. Axes, swords, clubs, and even the opponents' severed limbs can be used in combat, and combination attacks can be made using carefully timed keystrokes. Each of the game's fifteen weapons has unique characteristics for damage, attack speed, and more.

A new official web site for the game has also been launched, and contains screenshots, artwork, and detailed information about the game. Rune is scheduled for release in October.

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