Hulu's UI Is Getting A Much-Needed Upgrade

Hulu's user interface will be getting a facelift to make it fit the Disney brand.


Hulu's days of being the odd man out in Disney's streaming empire are finally coming to an end as the platform is getting a brand new user interface, Adweek reports. The new interface will help not only improve the accessibility of the app but also bring Hulu more in line with its sister services Disney+ and ESPN+.

The UI is set to go live today for certain TV-connected app users and select Roku devices. According to Adweek, the new interface will support vertical scrolling through different content categories and horizontal scrolling through select titles in given categories.

“This navigation pattern is something our viewers are accustomed to and matches the navigation pattern across Disney+ and ESPN+, making it easier for viewers who subscribe to the Disney bundle to switch between services and navigate with ease," wrote Jim Denny, Hulu's VP of Product Management about the upgrade.

If you're not currently seeing changes to your interface, don't panic--the upgrade may take months to reach all platforms.

Meanwhile, take a look at the new offerings heading your way to platforms like Netflix and Disney+ for the upcoming month, including The Simpsons with an updated aspect-ratio.

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