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Hugh Jackman Using "Old School," Natural Workout Plan To Get Ripped For Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman says that he became a huge jacked man without having to rely on any performance-enhancing drugs.


After two decades of playing Marvel's most dangerous--and yoked--mutant, actor Hugh Jackman has put to rest any rumors that he used steroids to get into prime physical shape for the role. Wary of the side effects of performance-enhancing drugs, Jackman says that he got into shape for each Wolverine film the old-fashioned way, through constant exercise and eating an absurd amount of chicken.

"I love my job, and I love Wolverine--I got to be careful what I say here, but, I had been told, anecdotally, what the side effects are of that, and I was like, I don’t love it that much," Jackman said to CNN's Chris Wallace via The Wrap. "So no, I just do it the old school way."

Jackman will pop Wolverine's adamantium claws one more time for Deadpool 3, and to prepare for the role, the actor is dedicating six months to getting back into fighting shape. Currently starring in "The Music Man" on Broadway, Jackman added that doing eight shows a week that involves plenty of singing and dancing has created a good foundation for him to start his rigorous training regime, slowly ramp it up, and maintain it for several months.

"We have six months from when I finish [The Music Man] to when I start filming," Jackman explained. "And I'm not doing any other work. I'm going to be with my family and train. That’s going to be my job for six months. And I’m really fit right now. There’s one thing about eight shows a week being on Broadway, singing, and dancing, is I'm fit. So, I'm healthy. I have a good place to start."

After Ryan Reynolds announced that Deadpool 3 was in production, Jackman added in a later interview that he couldn't wait to "punch the shit" out of his co-star and friend when they meet on set. While plot details aren't being revealed just yet, it has been reported that the movie is supposedly set in a different timeline as a way to explain how Wolverine is still alive after the events of Logan.

Deadpool 3 is currently scheduled to arrive in theatres on September 6, 2024.

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