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Huge PC Games Sale Kicks Off To Celebrate E3 2021, Preorders Included

Even games that aren't marked down can still be purchased for less thanks to a coupon.


PC game retailer Fanatical has begun a massive E3 2021 sale, with hundreds of games seeing substantial markdowns in celebration of the annual gaming event.

Some of the biggest titles in the sale include Wasteland 3 priced at $27 (down from $60), Days Gone at $42 (down from 50), Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition at $21 (down from $65), and Red Dead Redemption 2 at $37 (down from $60). Dying Light Platinum Edition--the version that includes all DLC in one package--is a particularly good deal, marked down 77% to $23 (from $100).

There are a few preorder deals included in the Fanatical sale, including a 12% discount on Battlefield 2042's standard ($53, down from $60), Gold ($80, down from $90), and Ultimate ($97, down from $110) editions. Preorders on Total War: Warhammer III ($48, down from $60) and The Ascent ($25, down from $30) are also included.

Best deals in Fanatical's E3 2021 sale

Fanatical is also offering a 15% off coupon code, FANATICAL15, which works on any game not already marked down in the sale. This includes new releases like Guilty Gear Strive, which will drop to $51 from $60, and Chivalry 2, which the coupon will make $34 instead of $40. Both games also offer an extra 5% off voucher for your next order upon purchase of the game.

Check out the full Fanatical sale, including preorders of upcoming games marked down just for E3 2021. As usual, the vast majority of game keys on sale are for Steam, but some redeem on other launchers like Uplay or Origin, so be sure to check the platform before buying anything.

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