Huge No Man's Sky Update Arrives, Adds Base-Building and Makes a Lot of Changes

The Foundation Update has arrived.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Massive No Man's Sky Update Arrives And Adds Base-Building

As promised, Hello Games has launched a major new update for No Man's Sky. Called the "Foundation Update," the patch (1.1) introduces the first parts of the game's base-building and also serves as a "foundation for things to come." In a post on the developer's website, Hello Games explained that this is the first of "many" free patches for No Man's Sky. A new video for the patch was also released.

The patch also adds three new game modes, each featuring different rulesets:

  • Normal mode is the original chilled exploration experience
  • Creative mode allows players to explore the universe without limits, and build a huge base
  • Survival mode really changes the game, creating a much more challenging endurance experience

As for the base-building feature, you can create an outpost using "modular structures and decorations," made using resources you find while exploring the game world. You can also do the following with the base-building feature:

  • Recruit alien lifeforms to help research new technology. Farming, engineer, weapons and science specialists are hirable from Space Stations
  • Use Terminus Teleporters in Space Stations to teleport to and from your base at will
  • Expand your base with storage containers to stockpile precious resources and rare products
  • Find an even more beautiful location and you can simply dismantle your previous homestead to refund all of the spent resources

The No Man's Sky Foundation update also adds a farming system and the ability to purchase and customize interstellar freighters to transfer resources, while new biome and star-specific resource types can be discovered; they can then be used to craft new items.

There are also visual changes in this update, as motion blur has been added to "accentuate the feeling of speed, particularly when in-flight." You can turn this on or off from the Options menu. Temporal Anti-Aliasing has also been implemented. This should remove "jagged edges" and is also optional. Use the slider tool below to compare the motion blur and TAA effects.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The Foundation Update also changes and adds some UI elements, one part of which are new arrow indicators being added to better emphasize shield and life support changes. Additionally, scanned primary resources now have specific symbols to allow you to differentiate between them more easily.

No Man's Sky launched in August for PS4 and PC without a number of features that director Sean Murray discussed prior to launch; the game and its creators were criticized for this. Earlier this month, PlayStation executive Shawn Layden acknowledged that Hello Games is "still working at it."

No Man's Sky Foundation Update Patch Notes:

  • General Gameplay
    • Fixed technology becoming instantly fully charged when repaired
    • Fixed ship appearing on incorrect pad in space station after loading
    • Added interactable objects that required certain tech to collect
    • Added shootable objects that require certain tech to mine
    • Rebalanced resource availability and technology charge requirements
    • Fixed initial game flow - where travelling to space too quickly after visiting the monolith could prevent the first atlas station notification appearing
    • Prevented player being prompted to scan for buildings before leaving the system after visiting the monolith
    • Prevented laser and melee attacks while in space from attempting to edit terrain
    • Improved calculation of resources received when mining terrain
    • Renamed Signal Scanners to Signal Boosters
    • Signal booster objects updated to search for playable bases, suit upgrade pods, and mineable resources
    • Removed signal booster from being distributed on terrain, as player can now build them
    • Improved accuracy of environment detection, fixing cases where it rained inside caves
    • Fixed galactic waypoints not loading correctly across saves
    • Removed atlas pass v1 requirement from doors in stations
    • Suit upgrade pods are no longer spawned in stations
    • Suit upgrade pods can now only be used once
    • Fixed collision in anomaly that was causing issues when exiting larger ships
    • Increased the number of different NPC character models generated per system
    • Fixed the game always remaining in day time for players who began their save prior to patch 1.03
    • Fixed a potential crash in foliage instance renderer
  • Localisation
    • Fixed stats page in asian languages
    • Fixed multiple issues with asian language formatting
    • Multiple improvements and fixes to localisation text in all languages
  • UI
    • Added new icons for specific types of primary resources
    • Fixed health bars not appearing on some targets
    • Added hazard and life support drain indicators
    • Fixed mission messages not appearing in a timely fashion
    • Beacons now notify the player that they will save the game
    • Fixed crash when creature IK animations were updated under certain conditions on the discovery screen
    • Improved navigation in discovery UI
    • Massive speed improvements to browsing huge discovery lists
    • Increased size of discovery storage
    • Added option to load "Earliest" previous save in Options menu
    • Fixed weapon naming
    • Added icon to remind players of the reload button when weapon is empty
    • Multiple fixes for viewing discoveries
  • PS4
    • Added photo mode
    • Large optimisations to the engine to accommodate base building
  • PC
    • Added support for up to 8 mouse buttons
    • Fixed better order position history for mouse smoothing
    • Fixed bug where setting gamma to zero gave a fully bright rather than fully dark image
    • Fixed hard-limiting on save sizes, with appropriate warning about free space on boot
    • Player is now notified when shaders are being loaded
    • Fixed occasional crash on exit
    • Fixed performance of trail renderer for some AMD cards
    • Large optimisations to the engine to accommodate base building
  • Generation
    • Added biome specific plants
    • Adopted new method of distributing resource plants on terrain, for more lifelike clumps of plants
    • Improved distribution of plant life across all terrain types
    • Introduced visual differentiation of red, green and blue star systems
    • Introduced new mineable terrain resources found only in red, green and blue star systems
    • Reduced average building frequency
    • Introduced planets with elevated building density
    • Introduced planets with no buildings or sentient life
    • Increased the proportion of lush and tropical planets
    • Decreased the proportion of lifeless planets
    • Fixed bug where multiple ships could appear, overlapping, at the player's start scene
    • Prevented certain building types being incorrectly placed underwater
    • Prevented multiple buildings occasionally being placed in overlapping positions
    • Prevented buildings occasionally being placed intersecting with the terrain
    • Improved and altered per-planet terrain resource generation, improving gameplay and visuals
  • Creatures
    • Fixed elevation cache mismatches, causing errors in creature knowledge and pathing
    • Fixed slow memory leak in creature role allocation
    • Improved creature animation speeds
    • Fixed issues where some creatures turns had the incorrect frame count
    • Fixed occasional crash when interacting with creatures
  • Atmospherics
    • Increased proportion of vibrant blue skies
    • Corrected cloud levels for clear skies
    • Improved average cloud level settings
    • Fixed cloud rendering while flying in your ship
    • Improved atmosphere depth when transitioning to space
    • Increased fidelity of atmosphere rendering on nearest planet
    • Improved atmospheric fog as you fly to a planet
    • Improved fog method for planets seen on the horizon
  • Terrain
    • Improved terrain generation algorithms
    • Improved and extended blend areas between different terrain noise types
    • Terrains now generate more open spaces
    • Smaller features now appear at nearer lods to improve visuals in the distance
    • Fixed objects being placed on incorrect terrain material types
    • Improved resolution of distant planet terrain
    • Decreased differences between planet as seen from space and actual planet terrain
    • Fixed seams on planets when seen from space
    • Improvements to terrain material selection and terrain material blending
    • Terrain generation priority and cost calculation improvements
    • Fixed terrain generation angle calculations, which would previously prevent nearest region being generated first
    • We now generate caves on lower terrain lods to decrease visual differences in lower detail terrain
    • Introduced more varied and vibrant colouring to terrain for each biome
    • Decreased frequency of brown terrain colour selections
    • Changed texture scales to improve transition between terrain lods
    • Improved terrain colour combinations to add variety and better match terrain contouring
    • Improved terrain texture blending method to better retain vibrant colours
    • Improved settings for hue, saturation and value noise variation on terrain
    • Fixed a number of issues causing holes to be seen in the planet terrain
    • Fixed occasional crash when mining terrain
  • Visuals
    • Fixed colour of muzzle flashes on player weapons
    • Added muzzle flashes to ship weapons
    • Added cockpit lighting for damage and weapon firing
    • Added debris to freighter explosion effect
    • Improved freighter cargo explosions
    • Improved photon cannon hit and space explosion effects
    • Improved turret explosion effect
    • Improved grass colour selection
    • Improved grass colouring method to match underlying terrain colour
    • Improved grass placement to match gradient of terrain, and rocky terrain slope patches
    • Improved lighting on grass
    • Improved alpha cutoffs and blending for grass in the distance
    • Improved colouring method for on-planet buildings
    • Fixed "pop" in lighting when flying between planets
    • Fixed incorrect lighting seen in shadow areas
    • Improved lighting method when rendering tree leaves
    • Fixed procedural texturing on objects with multiple overlapping textures
    • Fixed size of certain texture atlas normal maps
    • Fixed texture scaling on asteroids
    • Zinc plant is now more obvious when it has been gathered
    • Fixed occasional rendering errors due to precision on cockpit during warp
    • Fixed pulse lines not appearing when pulse driving out from planet atmosphere
    • Fixed shadowing artefacts on imposters
  • Space
    • Improved asteroids to allow much denser fields
    • Improved explosion effects
    • Fixed scale of moons on the space map
    • Added freighter groups to the space map
    • Changed distribution of resources in asteroids
    • AI ships will now clear asteroids in their path
    • Planets are now scannable from space to see their resources
  • Space Combat
    • Fixed bounty targets warping out too soon
    • Improved HUD indicators in space combat
    • Added damaged ship effect on AI starships
    • Added formation flying
    • Improved locking on passive starships
    • Improved AI combat flight patterns
    • Added new ship weapon technology
    • Holding brake whilst turning now activates drift for fast turns
    • Improved AI ship freighter attacking
    • Improved freighter targeting code when under attack by enemy ships
  • Freighters
    • Fixed pulse drive to prevent travel through freighters
    • Improved docking code
    • Added hangar to the lead freighter
    • Added docking in freighters
    • Added icon to accessible freighter hangars
    • Added colouring to cargo drops to identify what is in them
    • You can now only pick up cargo drops that will fit in your inventory
    • Added auxiliary freight ships to freighter groups
    • Added alert lights and alarm audio for when freighters are in combat
    • Improved turret lights and explosions
    • Improved muzzle flashes on freighter turrets
    • Added indicator of cargo contents
    • Freighter Commanders now give rewards for rescuing them from pirate attack
    • Fixed collision on freighter cargo containers
  • Audio
    • Updated the lush ambience to make the wind sounds less noisy
    • Ambient background fauna now checks for the presence of creatures
    • Added rain on foliage
    • Added rain on ship
    • Added freighter specific footsteps
    • When on a dead planet, no music will play
    • Round table prop now plays an appropriate sound
    • Added more music to the loading sequence and game start
    • Added audio to new base building props
    • Created sounds for new base building props
    • Added audio to freighter doors and internal freighter ambiences
    • Added freighter explosions
    • Added freighter alarm
    • Added ambient radio comms when approaching a freighter
    • Fixed missing sounds when in a space station due to the mix settings
    • Multi-tool upgrades now affect audio
    • Lots of minor mix changes
    • Changed some compression settings for PS4 audio to make the sub-channel audio play more reliably

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Avatar image for Techtroll

But it's still not multiplayer.

Avatar image for nyran125tk

tell you what, survival mode is actually quite brutal and makes it way more fun for me anyway. Makes it like The Sims in space lol. But why the HELL does it not have free look in cockpit on PC !?!?!!?!?!?!?!

Avatar image for Blumper

I'm looking forward to trying out the survival mode, whenever I can manage to tear myself away from creative.

Avatar image for dmdavenport

Liked it when it came out, like it more now.

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

Started the hardcore mode, its pretty hardcore.. but was fun, lets hope they turn this game around and add proper space combat soon, and I would like to see total control over my ship on planets, if I want to crash into a mountain let me ffs

Avatar image for nyran125tk

@rodoxthedark: I agree, survival mode actually made me enjoy it a bit. STILL want to see NPC's mining and doing things im doing. the total size is really small, its like 2.6GB's for storage. Like to see that filled up by anotehr 10 GB's with more stuff and more NPC's running around doing stuff im doing.

Avatar image for demonsemen


Avatar image for frodo232323

@demonsemen: Troll

Avatar image for Yams1980

so many fixes they are putting it. Shows you how much of a buggy beta quality game they tried to sell to people for 60 dollars.

I hope base building is not too limited, but i have a feeling it could be pretty bad. Also, the star navigation map is so poorly done, if you ever leave too far from your planet you built your base on, you probably will never find it again.

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

@Yams1980: you can teleport to your base from any spacestation

Avatar image for Yams1980

@rodoxthedark: damn nice

Avatar image for Boddicker

Meh, I'd maybe pay $10-15 for this indie game. Still looks boring.

Avatar image for Iamkalell

I had a glitch where I ended up back and to the left of the normal cockpit position when I activated the pulse engine (maybe it's a JFK/Seinfeld reference lol). Exiting and re-entering the ship fixed it. Another glitch (at least I hope it was a glitch) that was much worse was a constant loud static like noise. It was preset throughout the time I was playing.

It doesn't seem to run any better and if anything it runs a bit worse. I even tried turning AA completely off to get rid of the stuttering but it didn't help. It ran fine for me before with FXAA activated.

I also lost all the discoveries on the planet I was on and I had discovered everything. That was hours of progress lost (but I still have the money). The planet looks completely different now and not as nice as it did originally. I probably won't waste my time exploring it again.

Hopefully the base building will be fun. It looks good in the video.

Edit: The noise is still there. I tried changing my audio settings and made sure there was nothing on my ship that was damaged. Strange thing is it quits when I open a menu. I can't play the game with this sound constantly hissing in my ear. Maybe the the ship is glitched and the game thinks it's damaged. I'll get a new one and see if that helps. If that doesn't work I'll have to wait until they hopefully fix it.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Okay im tempted to check it out.

Avatar image for dylan35

Ark Survival evolved or No man's sky? I got Ark for less than $30.00 on sale decided not to pursue no man's Land

Avatar image for jerms82

not enough to warrant a new purchase, but i might take a few minutes to reinstall and check it out. might notice a difference. not too excited, just kinda curious.

Avatar image for DefunktJunk

Take my money! 2020 when it's finished :P

Avatar image for sch_twitch

HAHA. The list of fixes is hilarious and sad all at the same time.

Avatar image for frodo232323

@sch_twitch: HA HA HA No one knows what you're talking about HA HA HA HA

Avatar image for sch_twitch

@frodo232323: No. You can't add spaces between the HA's. They will know you are a robot.

Avatar image for snugglebear

I played A LOT at first and just got let down too much with crappy glitches and unfulfilled promises. Spending a day cataloging an undiscovered planet only for it to randomly say someone else discovered it hours later? F that.

Avatar image for DoctorTanaka

Great! Now add a useless bounty hunter class and you've got Star Wars Galaxies!

Avatar image for swisdwag

Why do we continue to put up with developers releasing half-assed games? Smh

Avatar image for frodo232323

@swisdwag: Because we want something different than the formulas adopted by EA and other devs who never try anything new? Sure they F*&^%$ED up. Mistakes were made. Let them work and I bet you get your money's worth in game hours.

Avatar image for Pierce_Sparrow

It's a shame Sony jumped the gun on this game. They should have just waited for when it completed development instead of asking players to have some kind of long term relationship with the game. Things like base building should be part of the final product. I've moved on, but perhaps in a year or a year and a half we'll see a complete edition of the game. Maybe that will bring me back. Who knows.

Avatar image for moriwenne

This is good, a step in the right direction. Given the content that is still missing though, I would advise that Sean and the gang keep the game in Beta just a little while longer until they finish adding everything.

Wait, Beta? What?

Avatar image for whitejackel

This has sparked a new flame for playing the game again.

Avatar image for simon_lickus

funny how now they are showing actual gameplay footage, actual graphics of the game :)
I always remember this trailer as an example of bullshit. It is like back in the 80's or early 90's when you were able to judge game only by his fake cover before buying it :)

Avatar image for phili878

But, but, but.....but I thought NMS was about space exploration, isn't base building promoting the opposite?

Avatar image for frodo232323

@phili878: Yeah. Also you can summon your freighter which is a mobile base in itself. Then teleport back to your home planet.

Avatar image for deactivated-59e3719bee35c

@phili878: fast travel baby😀

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Great, this woke the cry babies up again. Shame this had to make the news, as they were just put to bed, So it will start again.

The life lesson continues...

Avatar image for Saxondale

@Triton: Yes. So much whining. You'd almost think the developers misrepresented their product and then released half of a glitchy game which they charged full price for and then disappeared instead of addressing customer complaints while fighting buyers who justly wanted a refund.

Yeah, stupid crybabies.

Avatar image for linuvinteler

Notify me when intel cards are finally supported. Until then, get lost Hello Games

Avatar image for soltar

If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound

Avatar image for tom_tucker

I'll buy the game fall 2017 that's enough time for them to deliver what they promised.

Avatar image for drspoon

@tom_tucker: Yup, me too. Or maybe if they ever release an 'ultimate' version with everything in it.

Avatar image for Bond_Villain

Looks good! Will wait for a few more of these giant patches before giving NMS another go

Avatar image for TimmyDKJR

Seemingly good changes/additions that don't address any of the problems and false promises that players hated to begin with. Lelz.

Avatar image for neowarrior793

hmm.... well im not going to bit back at them for having the balls to keep going. tho it should be unassasary to do so, you do need to acknowledge that this is a good thing. hopfully a second and thrid update wull be added and we will all have a really good game.

Avatar image for Litchie

LOL. Just like everyone wanted. The only complaints I've heard about the game is the lack of base building. xD

Avatar image for superseva


Avatar image for kratosbeard

glad to hear that they are working on fixing it , I didn't buy the game yet , I might get in on a sale for a cheap price and maybe at that time they will finish this game .

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

surprisingly still nooooooooooope.