Huge GTA Online Update The Last Dose Out Now With 5 More Missions

Players will take on the missions as they fight off the effects of "some extremely potent psychedelics."


The next chapter in GTA Online's long-running history is unfolding today with the launch of the game's next major update, the Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose.

The finale to the Los Santos Drug Wars ongoing series, The Last Dose has players unraveling a "psychedelic conspiracy," involving Dax and the Fooliganz as they head down an "action-packed rabbit hole brimming with familiar faces, hired guns, sabotage, kidnapping, and more," Rockstar said. Players will do this while trying to fight off the effects of "some extremely potent psychedelics." Sounds like a real trip.

"After unleashing a tide of mind-bending chemicals and calamities on the population of the greater Los Santos area in The First Dose, the troupe are now keen to get to the bottom of a budding pharmaceutical conspiracy in the culmination of this two-part story," Rockstar said.

In The Last Dose, the people you have wronged are fighting back, and you'll need to work alongside the Fooliganz to help them stay on top of the "illicit pharmaceutical food chain." There are five new missions in The Last Dose, and players can get started by accepting a phone call from Dax or by visiting the Freakshop.

Anyone who is just getting started with The Last Dose can meet up with Ron Jakowski at Liquor Ace in Blaine County to begin the initial six missions that make up The First Dose.

Among other characters, players will meet up with the Los Santos psychotherapist Dr. Isiah Friedlander, and if his name sounds familiar, that's because one of his clients included Michael De Santa from the GTA V campaign.

Everyone who plays The First Dose and The Last Dose missions will get double GTA$ and RP through March 29.

In addition to the new missions, GTA Online players can pick up the new all-electric hypercar the Ocelot Virtue this week from Legendary Motorsport. Another new car available this week includes the Willard Eudora muscle car. There are new clothing options in GTA Online this week, too, including new cardigans and pants.

Beyond that, Rockstar is offering triple GTA$ and RP on the Overtime Rumble mode--players get the payouts, win or lose, for the duration of the week.

Finally, Rockstar announced this week's discounts. You can see a rundown below.

  • Declasse Weaponized Tampa (Muscle) - 25% off
  • Cheval Taipan (Super) - 25% off
  • Överflöd Tyrant (Super) - 25% off
  • Buckingham Miljet (Plane) - 25% off
  • Hijak Ruston (Sports) - 50% off
  • Imponte Beater Dukes (Muscle) - 50% off
  • Sea Sparrow (Helicopter) - 50% off

For more on what's new in GTA Online this week, check out the full post on Rockstar Newswire. GTA Online is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and Rockstar has plans to keep supporting the game beyond The Last Dose with additional updates.

In other GTA news, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development now, and while fans believe the game might be set for release soon, Rockstar hasn't made any official announcements yet.

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