HTC Announces Viveport Infinity, Will Offer Unlimited Access To Select VR Games

Let the games begin.

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During CES 2019, HTC announced Viveport Infinity. Infinity is the first subscription model for Viveport that allows you to have unlimited access to the service's catalog of games.

The current Viveport subscription models are for a three-month, six-month, and 12-month plan which each allow you to play a total of 15, 30, and 60 games respectively. For each plan, you're allowed to play five new games every month. These plans essentially create a figurative time limit to completing titles, but they also offer a way to play through a collection of Vive and Oculus VR games for a fraction of the full retail price.

HTC has not yet announced a price point for Viveport Infinity, although it may be more than the current USD 12-month subscription plan--which costs $80 USD in total. Infinity is scheduled to release on Vive Day, April 5.

Viveport offers dozens of games. Some are VR versions of older games, such as Fruit Ninja VR, but there are plenty of original titles as well, like Transpose, Zomday, and Vestige. New titles are added on a fairly regular basis, and games can be individually purchased as well--allowing you to keep them forever.

During CES, HTC also announced Vive Pro Eye, which is a business-focused headset that tracks your eyes, allowing you to control your system without the need for a controller. HTC also introduced Vive Reality, which is a virtual space for people to interact in, as well as watch videos, play games, and create experiences together. The company also announced Vive Cosmos, another new headset, that's capable of playing VR on the go.

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Avatar image for jsprunk

The first game I want to play on my new Vive is Half Life 3. Otherwise, don't talk to me Valve.

Avatar image for water1

Hard pass until better value. The hardware alone is a crapton if money before this subscription.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

But it doesn't have Astrobot Rescue Mission

Avatar image for dacontag

@girlusocrazy: along with the other 3 best vr games of 2018 that are psvr exclusives.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@dacontag: With all the software and the great sales on hardware, it's the perfect time to pick one up and it's worth every penny. Damn I'm having fun with it. Astrobot is probably my 2018 GotY and is in my short list for game of the generation. Nintendo wishes they did that game.

And I continue to be blown away by how PSVR just works. Other VR kits have like 6 USB plugs to go in and beacons to set up, but this is one USB and one HDMI and the camera that comes with a stand/TV clip and it works perfect every time. I didn't have to adjust anything in my living room. No lag, no drift, it's incredible that the PS4 handles it so well, they must have put a lot of forethought into that system.

The room scale stuff like rec room works great too, nice that I get some use out of my Move controllers.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Well vs all the other game subscription services such as PS Now, Game pass etc this is a lot lot less games per dollar.