HTC Addresses Vive Shipping Issues

HTC has provided some information on the Vive's shipping issues.


Virtual reality headsets have not had the smoothest of launches lately. The Oculus Rift's issues prompted them to cover the shipping costs on all preorders, and some HTC Vive preorders were automatically cancelled last week. Now, HTC has responded to recent issues in regards to the shipping of the company's virtual reality headset.

HTC posted the update on its blog, answering questions some of its customers may have. The company didn't specify the issues its been having with shipping, but it did reassure customers that they can expect their Vive to ship in the same month that was stated in the order confirmation email. We've reached out to HTC to clarify the issues.

The orders are being shipped out as they were received--first come, first served. The company acknowledged that it had "a small number of orders at the beginning of April" that were shipped out of order, but it has since corrected the issue.

The company also addressed an issue that resulted in people who paid for express shipping receiving economy instead. It said that it would be providing refunds to those affected.

You can check out the full blog post and list of questions here.

Reddit users have reported an issue that involves the delivery of Vive headsets that don't work. This specific issue was not addressed in the blog post. We have contacted HTC Vive for comment and will update this article as we receive more information.

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