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How Xbox Series X Game Call Of The Sea Uses The Console's Power

The developers of the intriguing-looking Call of the Sea explain how their game leverages the next-gen tech.


The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's most powerful console ever. Developers large and small are supporting the system with new games that take advantage of the increased horsepower, and this includes developer Out of the Blue which is releasing Call of the Sea on Series X later this year.

Programmer Manuel Fernandez recently spoke about how Call of the Sea is optimized for the Xbox Series X. Starting off, Fernandez told Xbox Wire that a non-hardware element of the Series X is worth speaking about--Smart Delivery. People who buy Call of the Sea on Xbox One can get the Series X edition at no extra charge, and their save game and progress will move between the systems.

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"We love being part of this new norm as the generation shifts," Fernandez said. "Sharing settings and games between different systems. That makes you design the game thinking as a whole and not as something that is tied to a single platform."

Fernandez also said the raw power of the Series X will allow Call of the Sea to reached 4K/60FPS.

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"The power and performance of Xbox Series X will allow us to offer the game at beautiful 4K at 60fps, leveraging the rich game environments and making the art really shine," Fernandez said.

Call of the Sea has a stylized art style, but Fernandez says it will have a "next-gen look, full of visual effects and movement in the scene." The game also makes use of ray-tracing, which will allow Call of the Sea to be "even more present; almost come to life."

Fernandez also pointed out that, because the Series X is so powerful, the studio does not have to make a call on prioritizing frame rate or resolution. "The power of this new hardware allows us to not have to make compromises between frame rate and resolution. We can finally offer the best of the two worlds," Fernandez said.

You can read the full interview at the Xbox Wire.

Call of the Sea is the first game from Madrid-based Out of the Blue. A first-person adventure puzzle game, Call of the Sea is set in the 1930s and follows the story of a woman named Norah who is on a journey to find her missing husband on a tropical island. In addition to Xbox, Call of the Sea will be released on PC through Steam, GOG, and Humble.

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