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How To Unlock UGR Submachine Gun In CoD: Warzone And Black Ops Cold War

A new submachine gun arrives for 2020's Black Ops Cold War, and here's how you unlock it.


Treyarch continues to support 2020's Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with Year 2 content, and a new submachine gun has arrived with the May 6 update. Here's everything you need to know about the UGR submachine gun and how to unlock it.

How to unlock the UGR

The UGR is a full-auto submachine gun which Treyarch describes as a "short-range powerhouse or a mid-range precision tool" that fires 5.56mm steel darts with moderate bullet velocity. There are a few different ways to unlock Black Ops Cold War's newest weapon for free, depending on your game mode preference. It can also be purchased outright with a cosmetic bundle.

Black Ops Cold War MP challenge

MP unlock challenge for UGR
MP unlock challenge for UGR

Challenge: Using a submachine gun, kill an enemy revealed by your Spy Plane, UAV, or Field Mic in15 different completed matches.

This is an easy challenge for multiplayer, especially since you only need to kill one revealed enemy per match, but you do need to make sure you finish each match. You will not make progress toward the challenge if you leave the match early. The Nuketown 24/7 or Face Off 6v6 playlists will likely be the quickest way to complete this challenge, as matches on these small maps are usually brief.

Zombies challenge

Zombies unlock challenge for UGR
Zombies unlock challenge for UGR

Challenge: Eliminate 1000 enemies while using an Epic quality or better submachine gun.

Normally, weapon unlock challenges can be a bit more difficult for Zombies mode, but the UGR unlock challenge is fairly easy. Getting 1000 kills with an Epic (purple) rarity weapon shouldn't take too long, especially if you've already earned your permanent weapon rarity upgrade for completing the new "Super Easter egg" in Zombies.

Warzone challenge

Warzone unlock challenge for UGR
Warzone unlock challenge for UGR

Challenge: Using a submachine gun, kill an enemy revealed by your Spy Plane, UAV, or Field Mic in 15 different completed matches.

This unlock challenge is going to be a bit more time-consuming for Warzone, as the matches tend to take much longer than multiplayer. If battle royale is your preferred way to play, I'd recommend picking a mode that has respawn like Plunder or Rebirth Resurgence. While the challenge specifies UAVs or Field Mics, the Field Mic upgrade is not something you can actually loot in Warzone, so you'll need to rely on UAVs to reveal nearby enemies. You'll want to loot as much cash as you can and complete Contracts for cash bonuses, so you can make sure you can keep buying UAVs at the pricey cost of $6,000.

Store bundle

Lazar Operator Bundle with UGR blueprint
Lazar Operator Bundle with UGR blueprint

Additionally, you can buy the Lazar Operator Bundle, which is a 10-item cosmetic set for the new operator Eleazar "Lazar" Azoulay from Black Ops Cold War's campaign. So, you unlock Lazar's operator skin, the Dealmaker weapon blueprint for the UGR, and eight other cosmetic items for 2,400 CoD Points ($20).

However, it's worth noting that purchasing the bundle will only give you the specific weapon attachments that come with the Dealmaker weapon blueprint. You still need to complete the unlock challenge if you want the base version of the weapon to customize with different attachments.

If you still need to unlock the previous Year 2 weapon added into the game, we have a guide to help you unlock Black Ops Cold War's Vargo 52 assault rifle. The Vargo 52 is also a great weapon choice for battle royale, and we have some recommended attachments for you to try in our Warzone loadout guide.

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