How To Unlock The Trophy System In Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard has finally added the Trophy System equipment, but you'll need to complete a challenge to unlock it.


Note: As of April 27, players no longer need to complete this challenge to unlock the Trophy System, as Sledgehammer Games recently announced that all players who log on to Vanguard during Season 3 will instantly unlock this new Field Upgrade.

Call of Duty Season 3 officially begins on April 27, but Vanguard's update is live on April 26 to bring new content to the game. This update adds one of Call of Duty's most popular pieces of equipment, as the Trophy System has finally arrived in Vanguard's multiplayer. Unfortunately, the new Trophy System is locked behind a challenge, but here we'll walk you through the challenge requirements for unlocking this new equipment.

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How Vanguard's Trophy System works

The Trophy System has been a popular equipment choice in past Call of Duty games, as the device will intercept thrown lethal and tactical equipment, such as frag grenades, sticky bombs, and stun grenades while they are still in the air. In the past, the device has been used to intercept up to two pieces of equipment, but Vanguard's Trophy System can protect you from up to three throwables.

How to unlock the Trophy System Field Upgrade

The Season 3 update adds Vanguard's Trophy System as a Field Upgrade in multiplayer, but in order to unlock the option to equip it, you must first complete an unlock challenge.

Trophy system unlock challenge: Survive 15 different matches without being killed by a grenade.

To do this, you'll likely want to stay away from the chaotic small maps and playlists for Shipment and Das Haus. Unfortunately, most of the standard playlists are currently geared toward small maps, but you can use the Quick Play filter to limit the game modes. Picking something like Team Deathmatch might be a safer bet than objective modes like Domination and Hardpoint, which are usually prone to grenade spam.

Note: Vanguard's unlock challenges require you to complete the matches to get credit towards your challenge progression. You can't just hide for a bit and quit the match.

Overall, the Trophy System is a powerful device that is much-needed in Vanguard, as small maps and objective-based modes are often plagued with spam from grenades and stuns. This challenge might feel like a hassle to complete, but the benefits of having the Trophy System is well worth the effort.

Additionally, Season 2 Reloaded recently added the Ice Axe melee weapon to Vanguard, and here is a guide for unlocking it for use in multiplayer and Zombies.

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