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How To Unlock The Scythe Melee Weapon In CoD: Warzone And Black Ops Cold War

A new weapon arrives for Black Ops Cold War's year 2 content, and here's how you unlock it.


As Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded continues for Warzone and Vanguard, Treyarch continues to release Year 2 content for 2020's Black Ops Cold War. The newest addition to the game is the Scythe, which is a new melee weapon that joins the most recently added UGR submachine gun. This Scythe can be used in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and here we walk you through all the ways you can unlock it.

How to unlock the Scythe

Black Ops Cold War's Scythe melee weapon
Black Ops Cold War's Scythe melee weapon

The Scythe is described as a two-handed melee weapon that boasts a quick swing with a wide arc for deadly efficiency. If you want to reap your enemies with this scythe, there are a few different ways you can unlock Black Ops Cold War's newest melee weapon.


Challenge: Using a melee weapon, get two kills with Dead Silence in 15 different matches.

This will be best attempted in respawn playlists like Fortune's Keep Resurgence mode. You'll want to make sure you're grabbing the Dead Silence field upgrades when you find them. 15 matches might feel like it takes forever, but just make sure you have a melee weapon in hand when you activate Dead Silence. Also, it's important to remember you will not make progress toward the challenge if you leave the match early.

Black Ops Cold War MP

Challenge: Using a melee weapon, get two kills with Ninja or Dead Silence in 15 different matches.

This should be pretty easy to accomplish. Just pick your favorite melee weapon and pair it with Ninja or Dead Silence. Picking playlists with smaller maps like Nuketown 24/7 will likely help you get the challenge done quickly. Just remember, you will not make progress toward the challenge if you leave the match early.


Challenge: Using a melee weapon, kill 200 enemies with Insta-Kill active.

This unlock challenge shouldn't be too much of a grind if you're a Zombies fan. Insta-Kills are pretty common Power-Up drops in Zombies. Multiplayer might be a bit faster, especially if you choose the small map playlists, but racking up melee kills with Insta-Kill should be fairly easy.

Store bundle

Death's Approach bundle
Death's Approach bundle

Additionally, you can buy the Scythe's weapon blueprint if you don't want the hassle of doing the unlock challenge. The weapon can be purchased as part of the Death's Approach bundle, which is a nine-item cosmetic pack themed around the blue bunny, Mister Peeks, from Zombies mode. This bundle includes the Blood Bunny legendary variant of the Scythe, two gun blueprints, a finishing move, a watch, a weapon charm, calling card, emblem, and gesture. You can grab the Death's Approach bundle for 2,000 CoD points ($20).

Vanguard and Warzone recently added a colorful anime bundle to the shop, which includes an impressive weapon inspect animation that triggers music and dancing. If you're looking for the best guns to use in your next match of Warzone, we have some recommended weapon loadouts for you to try.

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