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How To Unlock The Marshal In Warzone And Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty's Season 5 adds a fire-shooting shotgun-pistol to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone; here's how to unlock it.


Call of Duty players can now add Season 5's Marshal secondary weapon to their arsenal. The Marshal pistol is a hand-loaded, double-barrel pistol that fires 12-gauge shells, and it apparently has the ability to set enemies on fire.

There are a few different ways to get your hands on Black Ops Cold War's newest weapon, depending on your game mode preference. This fiery new weapon can be unlocked in Warzone, as well as Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer and Zombies.

Warzone And Black Ops Cold War MP Unlock

Marshal Warzone and Cold War Multiplayer unlock challenge
Marshal Warzone and Cold War Multiplayer unlock challenge

To unlock this weapon in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and Warzone, you want to equip your favorite pistol and ask for patience. Using pistols, you'll need to get a headshot kill in 15 different completed matches. Getting a headshot shouldn't be too difficult, but you'll need to see each match through.

Zombies Unlock Challenge

Marshal Zombies unlock challenge
Marshal Zombies unlock challenge

As always, Zombies mode has its own unique challenge. Using pistols, you want to kill 30 Disciples while they have at least five Zombies under their control. The Disciples are the special zombie type introduced with Season 4's Mauer der Toten map, but they've since been added into Outbreak with Season 5.

Store Bundle

Marshal Powder Keg bundle
Marshal Powder Keg bundle

The Marshal can also be purchased as part of the Powder Keg bundle, which comes with the Marshal's Matchlock weapon blueprint that already has the Dragon's Breath attachment. This bundle comes with four other smaller items and a battle pass tier skip at a price of 1,100 COD Points (about $10) in the in-game store.

The Marshal follows Season 5's battle pass weapons: the EM2 assault rifle and the TEC-9, and there's an in-game challenge to unlock the cane melee weapon. Here you can find our recommended Season 5 Warzone loadouts, and our updated Warzone perk guide for the new meta.

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