How To Unlock The Golden Ticket In Apex Legends

The curious new object recently appeared in-game, hinting at the possibility of a map preview.


Apex Legends' Season 14 battle pass is just 20 days away from expiring, and this season's weekly in-game story recently came to an end--both signs that a new season of Apex Legends is nearly upon us. But no Apex Legends season would be complete without a good teaser for the upcoming season, and this week, players got their first hint at what's to come in Season 15 as a mysterious item called a Golden Ticket started appearing as a craftable item in the game's Replicators.

Although it won't get you an all-expenses-paid trip to some fancy Outlands-based chocolate factory, Apex's Golden Ticket is still worth hunting down. Instead of unlocking the gates to Wonka's sugary wonderland, these Golden Tickets unlock a teaser that appears to be a preview of a new map called Divided Moon. So how does one get their hands on one of these coveted items? I'm so glad you asked.

Getting Started

From the main lobby screen, select the button on the bottom left portion of the screen that allows you to switch game modes (it reads "Trios" by default). Once the mode selection page is up, take a look at the upper right corner, where you'll see a small image of a Golden Ticket floating in space. The image says "A New Home" and is accompanied by a countdown timer that seems to indicate the Golden Tickets will become active next Tuesday, October 18.

Thankfully, you don't have to go full-on Veruca Salt to get your hands on this shiny reward--all you have to do is craft it at a Replicator. This is pretty simple in theory, but it took us nearly an hour to pull it off, mainly due to the chaotic nature of your standard Apex Legends match and the amount of Crafting Materials required (you'll need 125 to craft the Golden Ticket). We learned a lot along the way, and have compiled a quick list of tips to help you get this pre-season teaser unlocked with minimal frustration. Follow these pointers and you'll have that Golden Ticket in your clutches in no time.


Play with a pre-made squad. This cannot be emphasized enough. If you don't have any IRL friends to team up with, try to find some online. At the very least, if you're stuck playing with randoms, let them know what your goal is. (Your goal, for the most part, is to land near a replicator and not die immediately.)

Be a loot goblin. The containers of Crafting Materials surrounding Replicators are not the only way you can get them--you also accumulate five Crafting Materials for every Supply Bin you open. So don't be shy about racing your squadmates for every Supply Bin in sight (just remember to share the actual loot with the teammates who need it),

Don't hot drop. As much as we love to hot drop, there's a time and a place for it--namely, when we're not trying to survive long enough to accumulate 125 Crafting Materials for the purposes of crafting a Golden Ticket. Sometimes stealth is the best approach, so you may wish to land near a POI with a Replicator, spend a few minutes tearing open Supply Bins while you wait for the initial carnage to die down, and then proceed to the POI with the Replicator. This allows you to raid canisters of Crafting Materials as you raid deathboxes, killing two birds with one stone (and also not getting killed yourself).

Craft strategically. Okay, so you finally did it. You got those 125 Crafting Metals, and you are likely inclined to make a beeline for the nearest Replicator and craft yourself one of those snazzy tickets ASAP. But leaping before you look is a really, really good way to get yourself killed before you can craft said ticket. Using a Replicator can give your location away, so make sure to do some serious recon before you move in to ensure your ticket-hunting adventure isn't about to lead you right into an ambush. Once the coast is clear, approach the replicator and select the Golden Ticket at the top of the crafting menu.

Make the most of your reward. Crafting a Golden Ticket doesn't just cause the Replicator to spit one out--it also causes the replicator to spit out a fully-kitted gold weapon, which will definitely come in handy for taking out any squads that may be waiting to ambush you.

Play the right legend. Playing a legend you're comfortable with is always a good choice, but when it comes to this challenge, some legends provide more gameplay advantages than others. Mirage is excellent due to his ability to disappear, revive/respawn teammates while invisible, and distract enemies with his decoys. Bloodhound and Crypto are also excellent options due to their ability to monitor and scan their surroundings for and hiding enemies.

So what, exactly, does this Golden Ticket do? We're not quite sure, but the rumors about a new map with a lunar theme coupled with the countdown timer on the game mode selection page certainly seem to suggest that Golden Ticket holders may be the first to get an up-close preview of the new map. Whatever surprise the Golden Ticket has in store, players won't find out until next week.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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