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How To Unlock The Coveted Mastery Camos In Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Here's how you unlock Call of Duty: Vanguard's most sought-after camos.


Call of Duty: Vanguard is now available, and as always with a new Call of Duty release, there is a new camo grind to pursue. Vanguard offers 10 sets of standard weapon camo challenges, but the most sought after are the three Completionist mastery camos. Our guide will walk you through the steps needed to unlock these coveted weapon camos, and we provide some tips to get you there faster.

How To Unlock The Completionist Camos

Call of Duty: Vanguard has three mastery camos to work towards for total completion: Gold, Diamond, and the final and most prestigious Atomic camo. Gold and Diamond are pretty much what we've seen in past Call of Duty games, but Vanguard's Atomic camo is a new weapon skin, which has rainbow colors in an animated and psychedelic pattern.

STG44 with the Atomic camo
STG44 with the Atomic camo

For the first step towards unlocking this colorful Atomic camo, you'll need to unlock the Gold camo for each weapon in the game. This is done by completing each weapon's set of standard camo challenges. Just pick a weapon to start and focus on the standard camos. There are 10 sections of standard challenges, and each section has 10 unique camos to unlock.

Here are the gun camo challenges and requirements for completion:

  • Pack Tactics: 400 eliminations
  • Surgical: 100 headshots
  • Predatory Ambition: 50 multikills
  • Reptilian: 5 kills without dying 30 times
  • Deadeye: 100 longshots
  • Berserker: 100 point-blank kills
  • Wildcat: 100 hip-fire kills
  • Survivalist: 100 kills with specific attachments (this is different for each weapon)
  • Mindgames: 100 kills with specific attachments (this is different for each weapon)
  • Death Artist: 100 kills with specific attachments (this is different for each weapon)

Additionally, there are a few sets of camo challenges unique to the rocket launchers and combat shield melee weapons that must also be completed for their specific weapon classes to unlock their Gold camos.

Atomic, Diamond, and Gold camos for the MP-40

Completing all the Gold weapon camo challenges for a particular class of weapons will unlock the Diamond camo for all the weapons in that class. So, if you get all the Gold camos for your sniper rifles, you'll unlock the Diamond camo to use on all your snipers. And to get Vanguard's final Atomic camo, you must first get the Diamond camo for each weapon class available in the game.

Tips For Leveling

Attempting a Call of Duty camo grind also means working to level each weapon. You'll need to work on leveling the guns in order to unlock all the camo challenges. For example, the set of Survivalist camo challenges don't unlock until the weapon is level 60, Mindgames camo challenges unlock at weapon level 65, and Death Artist challenges unlock at weapon level 70.

There are some ways to make weapon leveling go a little faster in Vanguard. One being to make good use of any double weapon XP tokens you might have, and play during any upcoming double weapon XP events. Black Ops Cold War had plenty of double XP events over the last year, so it's likely Vanguard will receive a fair share as well.

Padmavati's operator bonuses
Padmavati's operator bonuses

Another way to level weapons faster is by making use of each operator's bonus. There will be specific weapon XP boosts for each Operator's favorite weapon. For example, when Halima reaches level 16, you will unlock 2000 XP for the MP-40 submachine gun. Reaching operator level 6 with Padmavati will earn you 1000 weapon XP for the Combat Shotgun, and you'll get more of these weapon boosts as you further level up each operator. So, make sure you're switching between operators and leveling them all up for the bonuses.

Surplus kit attachment
Surplus kit attachment

Another leveling boost is to equip Surplus as your kit attachment on your weapon loadouts. Surplus adds additional XP for enemy eliminations.

At the moment, some of Vanguard's challenges are bugged. Most of the STG44 camo challenges and Automaton's Mindgames camo challenges don't appear to be tracking for many players. I've used the STG44 quite a bit, and it hasn't tracked a single elimination yet. As of today, Sledgehammer Games has not acknowledged these challenge-related issues on social media, so for now, I'd recommend focusing on other weapons. It might also be a good idea to check your progress after a match or two.

If you're looking for Gunsmith recommendations, we have a loadout guide with some of Vanguard's best weapons for multiplayer. Also, check our our guide for everything you need to know about joining or creating a clan in Vanguard.

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