How To Unlock The Bladed Axe For CoD: Black Ops Cold War And Warzone

Call of Duty Season 6 added a battle axe; here's how to unlock Black Ops Cold War's newest melee weapon.


Call of Duty Season 6 adds the brand-new Bladed Axe melee weapon for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Here we'll show you the different ways you can unlock this two-handed melee weapon.

How To Unlock The Bladed Axe

The Berserker shop bundle
The Berserker shop bundle

The Bladed Axe can be unlocked through in-game challenges, or you can purchase the Barbarian's Axe weapon blueprint in the Berserker bundle cosmetic bundle via the in-game store for ($10) 1,000 COD Points. The bundle also includes a finishing move, three cosmetic items, and two tier skip tokens for the battle pass.

Multiplayer/Warzone Challenge

Black Ops Cold War's in-game challenge
Black Ops Cold War's in-game challenge

The in-game challenge is the same for both Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and Warzone. You'll need to get a kill with a gun, melee weapon, and a piece of lethal equipment in the same life in 15 different completed matches.

This challenge will probably be best attempted in multiplayer, but Warzone's respawn modes like Payload, Plunder, and Rebirth Island can be viable options as well.

Zombies Challenge

Zombies challenge
Zombies challenge

The Zombies challenge requires you to kill ten Abominations with a primary melee weapon. The Abominations are the new special enemy types found on Cold War's Forsaken map. You encounter your first Abomination pretty early in the game while attempting the map's main objective of lifting the facility's lockdown and accessing the Pack-a-Punch machine.

If swinging axes isn't your thing, you can also unlock two new guns within the free tiers of the Season 6 battle pass. The .410 Ironhide is a lever-action shotgun that is earned at tier 15, and the Grav is a full-auto assault rifle that unlocks at tier 31.

Call of Duty Season 6 also brings new maps to Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer and Zombies, and Warzone has received some pretty drastic map changes.

All of this Call of Duty content continues as Activision Blizzard faces a lawsuit from the state of California over alleged harassment and discrimination against women.

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