How To Unlock Shin Akuma In Nintendo Switch's Street Fighter II

This is a lot more complicated than the Konami code.


During this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom had a big presence with panels devoted to Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, and all of the Capcom-related merch the company has for sale. But there was also one big surprise announcement: during the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary panel, Capcom revealed how to unlock Shin Akuma in the Nintendo Switch version of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers.

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In the image above, you can see a slide detailing the very specific steps, but here they are bulleted out as well.

  1. Select Ryu, cancel on Color 1
  2. Select Ken, cancel on Color 9
  3. Select Sagat, cancel on Color 8
  4. Select M. Bison cancel on Color 7
  5. Place the cursor on Random, press L & R at the same time

We're covering Comic-Con live from San Diego, so stay tuned for even more news, trailers and reveals from the show!

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