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How To Turn Your Titan Into A Thunder-Bomber In Destiny 2: Arc 3.0 Season Of Plunder Builds

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very exciting.


Each Guardian class in Destiny 2 has a specific idea behind it, and when it comes to Titans, that archetype is all about crushing enemies and scattering their ashes into the wind. With the Arc 3.0 subclass live and charged up for battle, Titans are now deadlier than ever before thanks to the lightning-fast mobility and aggression that they can take advantage of with that element.

While builds focused on Season of Plunder's new Titan Exotic, Point-Contact Cannon Braces, have yet to be fully realized due to that item being currently unavailable, there are other pieces of gear that can help create a powerful loadout. Here's one such example, which prioritizes flexibility, agility, and transforming into a grenadier as you bounce around the battlefield.

Useful Exotics

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Heart of Inmost Light is once again a popular choice for Titans in Season of Plunder, because when it's paired with the right mods, you're essentially able to spam a loop of abilities that have been amplified to lethal levels. If you don't have it, this Exotic chest armor will empower your remaining two abilities after you use one of your subclass powers. Feel like smashing a Vandal captain with a Thunderclap melee? Then your grenades and class ability will receive a bonus buff. Want to kill several Hive birds with one arc grenade? Congratulations, your melee and barricade (or thrust dodge) are now empowered.

Empowered means abilities will have faster regen, melees and grenades do more damage, and Barricades have more hit points when you pop them up to take cover from enemy attacks. If you haven't got this Exotic, you'll need to grind through a Legend Lost Sector to stand a chance to add it to your collection. Remember, these Lost Sectors are much more challenging and you'll need to equip several seasonal mods so that you can defeat the powerful champions lurking within them. For a more detailed breakdown, check out the guide on the Warlock Exotic Fallen Sunstar.

For your Exotic weapon, Thunderlord is a reliable option this season. Its Lightning Rounds perk allows it do extra damage by generating lightning strikes, its rate of fire speeds up when you hold down the trigger, and it has an intrinsic perk that makes it very useful when dealing with Overload champions. Great for clearing rooms and laying down covering fire when dealing with bosses, the machine gun's catalyst Return Stroke will partially reload its magazine after it generates a lightning strike. Basically more heavy rounds being fired, more bolts of lightning hitting your enemies, and more devastation to look forward to.

For your legendary weapons, Season of Plunder's pirate-themed gear is great if you manage to get one with a Right Hook attribute--dealing melee damage gives this weapon increased target acquisition and range for a short period of time--or the Voltshot ability that overcharges a gun and makes it apply Jolt to the next target.

Arc 3.0 Aspects and Fragments

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For Fragments, you can equip Touch of Thunder and Knockout on this build. Touch of Thunder will make your Storm grenades deadlier and more persistent, while Knockout will reinforce your melee attack with beneficial buffs, such as a quick healing charge when you land the attack. Each Fragment has two slots for Aspects, so you'll be able to max out your line of additional Arc 3.0 perks with these two items.

For Aspects, grab the Sparks of Resistance, Amplitude, Magnitude, and Shock. Spark of Amplitude will make your Storm grenade last longer and fire off more Arc bolts, Spark of Resistance will buff your Titan to withstand more punishment when they're surrounded by enemies, Spark of Amplitude will create orbs of power after rapidly defeating enemies while you're Amplified, and Spark of Shock so that your grenade can Jolt targets.

Useful Arc 3.0 Abilities

While it's tempting to equip the new one-punch Titan melee Thunderclap, it doesn't work too well for a build that's focused on speed and power. Seismic Strike works well here, and coupled with its ability to blind surrounding targets after you tackle into an enemy, it's great for charging into battle and carving a path forward for your Titan. Tying into that theme of maneuverability, throw on the Thruster class ability so that you can keep moving and dodge out of harm's way.

Storm Grenade is a must here, as that particular ability can zap enemies into ashes when used properly thanks to all the setup being done here. It rains down lightning bolts and it chases after an opponent, making it great for dealing with those pesky Overload champions and other nimble foes. Once you've found your groove and have done the groundwork with your mods and abilities, you'll be amazed at just how much damage a single grenade can do. Plus, you'll be grabbing energy wells often and rebuilding your ability almost instantaneously.

For your Super, you're good to go with either Fists of Havoc or Thundercrash. I'm choosing Thundercrash personally for its one-and-done approach and because nothing beats seeing a Titan yeet themselves directly at a very surprised Fallen Captain.

Useful Armor Mods

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For your helmet (solar affinity will work best here) slot in two Ashes to Assets mods so that you'll gain bonus energy on grenade kills and Elemental Ordnance so that you can generate an Arc well with every grenade kill. On your arms (Void affinity), use two Bolstering Detonation mods so that you can keep generating grenade energy when you get an explosive kill. Throw another Elemental Ordnance mod in for good measure.

With Heart of Inmost Light (Arc affinity), equip a Seeking Wells mod and throw on the Seasonal Thermoshock Plating mod for that added layer of protection. Resistance mods still seems to be bugged at the time of writing, so make certain that you use whatever space you have available to equip specialized defense mods here.

On your boots (Solar affinity), it's time to start working on your recovery. Equip two Recuperation mods so that you start regenerating health whenever you pick up an orb of power, which you'll be able to generate plenty of thanks to masterworked weapons and Spark of Amplitude. Don't forget to attach a Bountiful Wells mod so that you can stack all of your Elemental Ordnance mods so that you can create an obscene number of elemental wells with each kill.

Lastly, your Titan mark (Solar affinity) can be slotted with a Bomber mod to reduce grenade cooldown when using your class ability and Lightning Strikes Twice from the seasonal artifact so that you can gain an increased recharge rate after using your Arc grenade or Arc final blows.

The strategy

With all (or most) of those items and mods, you're going to be wielding an absurd amount of explosive power with your Titan. Heart of Inmost Light will buff your abilities as you use them, so stack the perk and make certain that you use your grenade last to get the most bang for your Arc buck. At Empowered x 2, your Arc grenade will cause significantly more damage, Jolt targets so that chain lightning to anyone near them, and you'll regenerate your ability energy much more quickly thanks to the elemental wells that have been spawned.

With the grenade also scouring the environment for more enemies to kill, that just feeds into a loop where one ability always bolsters and empowers the unused powers of your Titan. You'll be hitting harder, unleashing deadlier grenades, and dodging out of harm's way while reducing your cooldowns massively. You're also earning Super energy much more quickly thanks to the Ashes to Assets mods. If you're missing a few of the listed mods, check in with Ada-1 in the Tower as she stocks new armor mods every day.

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