How To Turn Your Old N64 Into A Nintendo Switch Dock

Meet the "Nintendo Switch 64."


You might need to do a double-take if you go over to Reddit user tettzan777's house to game; he's transformed an old Nintendo 64 into a working Nintendo Switch dock. Check out the end result:

In a post on Imgur and in a YouTube video (below), tettzan unveils the "Nintendo Switch 64" and how he made it. This shows how he modded the broken N64's cartridge slot into a Switch dock. He also swapped out the controller ports for USB ports.

Tettzan says there's plenty of space between the dock and the Switch, so the unit never touches the edges and gets scratched. Some players have reported the official Switch dock can scratch portions of the system's screen, which tettzan hopes to make less likely with a further adjustment to his mod.

"I'm planning on adding a thin box surrounding the cartridge slot and sticking a soft felt on top to make a better fit for the Switch," he said on Reddit.

If you're concerned about a working console being gutted for this mod, don't worry. Tettzen says he got a haul of 13 broken Nintendo 64s with the intention of refurbishing them. This one was the most damaged, so he decided to get creative and give it a new lease on life.

If you want to read all about tettzan's mod, head over to his Reddit feed here.

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