How To Transfer Your Outer Wilds Save For Echoes Of The Eye

If you've changed from the Epic Games Store to Steam, here's how to make sure your Outer Wilds save comes with you.


Outer Wilds' first and only expansion, Echoes of the Eye, has finally launched, giving you one final reason to dive back into the puzzling and imminently doomed solar system. The seminal adventure game originally launched on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One, later coming to other platforms such as Steam and PS4. That means on PC, at least, you might need to move around your save files if you're planning to play this expansion elsewhere. Here's how to transfer your Outer Wilds save from one digital storefront to another.

If you initially purchased Outer Wilds on the Epic Games Store but now want to play its expansion on Steam, or vice versa, there's a relatively straightforward way to import your save file. Outer Wilds developer Mobius Digital also suggests this same method as a safe way to back up your save, in case you're worried about any potential launch issues.

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To find your current Outer Wilds save, all you need to do is head over to the following directory on your PC:

  • C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\LocalLow\Mobius Digital\Outer Wilds\Saves

The entire contents of that folder are your saves, which coincidentally is also where the Epic Games Store pulls them from. If you don't see the "Saves" folder, but instead see "SteamSaves", that means you've only played the game via Steam.

  • C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\LocalLow\Mobius Digital\Outer Wilds\SteamSave

As you might have guessed by now, moving saves between each platform is as simple as copying the contents from one over to the other. In the case of a missing folder, all you need to do is create it. For example, I created the "SteamSaves" folder and just pasted my save data in there, and the Steam version of the game had no issues reading them.

While it's not required to have an existing save to play Echoes of the Eye, or have completed the main game prior to starting it, Modius Digital does suggest that there is something extra at the end of the loop for those who do finish it. The expansion also doesn't assume you have all the knowledge you've gathered from playing through the original game but understanding what makes the game's universe tick will only help, not hinder, you.

If you're still unfamiliar with Mobius Digital's lauded adventure, check out our original 9/10 Outer Wilds review, which reads, "By letting you chart your own course and piece together its mystery at your own pace, Outer Wilds makes each of its expeditions feel incredibly personal and absolutely unmissable."

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