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How To Transfer Games From PS4 To PS5

Sony is giving you numerous ways to get your games and saves over to your new PS5 console.


If you've already managed to order a PS5 before the end of the year, one of the first things you'll want to figure out is how to migrate your PS4 library onto your new PS5 system to make use of its backwards compatibility. Thankfully, Sony has released a video showing how straightforward the process is. However, if you still need help, we've broken down the process in this handy guide. There are multiple ways to transfer game data from your PS4 to your PS5, the easiest of which is Data Transfer, which we'll review below.

Using Data Transfer

Simply log into your PS4 and PS5 with the same PlayStation Network account, update your PS4 to the latest firmware, and ensure that both consoles are connected to the same network. If you're planning to do the transfer over Wi-Fi, Sony recommends connecting your two consoles via ethernet to speed up the process. You can then start the transfer from you PS5, which will bring over all installed games and saved games from your PS4.

Using An External Drive

If you won't have access to your PS4 when your PS5 arrives, you can still transfer your games to your new console using an external hard drive. Any PS4 games installed on an external HDD will immediately be recognized and work on your PS5, with Sony recommending you play them from there to keep the internal SSD free for PS5 titles that will require it. Considering you'll only have access to around 650GB on PS5, that's a good tip.

Using Discs And Downloads

If you purchase the PS5 with a disc drive, you can pop in any PS4 discs and have the game install directly to your new console. Backwards-compatible PS4 games will also be available for download from the PlayStation Store or your Game Library on PS5 once you log into the console with your PSN account, although this is easily the most data and time-consuming way of transferring your data since you'll be redownloading everything.

Transferring PS4 Save Files To PS5

Save games can be transferred in various ways too. The Data Transfer option will move over all save games during the transfer process, so if you choose that method there's nothing additional to worry about. If not, then you can either transfer save manually using an external hard drive or flash drive, or you can download them via your PlayStation Plus cloud storage. Ensure that you have uploaded your save games and have an active PS Plus subscription to use this option. Moving a game over does not mean its save data is automatically coming, too. Unless you want to start from scratch, make sure you transfer it!

The PlayStation 5 launched on November 12, just two days after the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S. If you're still looking for an order you can keep an eye on our PlayStation 5 order guide for stock alerts, but be warned that Sony has confirmed no stock will be at retail on launch day.

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