How To Trade In Your Old Nintendo Switch And Get The New Model For $75

Switch your Switch.

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There's nothing worse than taking your Nintendo Switch on a long plane ride or some other extended outing, only to have the battery die after a couple hours (depending on how much battery the game uses). Luckily, Nintendo has finally answered this problem with a newer Switch model that extends the console's battery life, upgrading it from roughly 2.5-6.5 hours of playtime to 4.5-9 hours of playtime. The new model is available at some retailers now, and if you were hesitant about shelling out another $300 USD just to improve your battery life, GameStop's latest trade-in offer could make you reconsider.

Assuming you no longer need your original Switch, you can trade in the launch model for $225, up from the usual $200, as part of a limited-time deal at GameStop stores. Of course, that trade value is for a Switch in "full working condition." This brings the $300 Switch revision to $75, though you don't have to use the trade value exclusively towards it. This trade-in offer is valid until September 15.

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This deal has led many to wonder if GameStop will allow in-store data transfer between an old console and the new Switch. While some lucky folks have been allowed to make the transfer at GameStop, the process likely won't be that simple for most people. We reached out to GameStop, and the retailer recommends following these steps if you want to transfer old data to a new Switch:

  1. Purchase the new Nintendo Switch at GameStop and keep the receipt
  2. Take the new Switch home and perform the data transfer
  3. Bring the new Switch box and receipt back to GameStop, along with the old Switch you want to trade
  4. Receive a full refund for the new Switch you purchased
  5. Trade in your old Switch to receive $225 credit
  6. Re-purchase your new Switch using trade-in credit, paying only $75 to make the difference

We know--that's a lot of steps. But transferring data between two Nintendo Switches is quite the process in itself, so realistically, a retailer may not be able to help you do it in-store. We recommend speaking to a manager at your local GameStop about what you intend to do when making the initial purchase.

The Switch revision's upgraded battery life may be the star of the show, but the Tegra X1 processor also runs cooler, which in turn keeps your Switch from heating up as much. However, it's important to note that this is not a Switch Pro or equivalent to the upgraded consoles that the PS4 and Xbox One got. You won't see any increases in performance or loading time.

Of course, if you'd rather trade your old Switch in for a Nintendo Switch Lite, then you can use your $225 trade credit towards a pre-order for that instead. The Switch Lite costs $200 and releases on September 20, five days after this trade-in promotion ends, so you will need to live without your console for a little bit. You can pre-order the Switch Lite here. However, if you'd prefer to not trade in your Switch at all, or just don't own one yet, you can purchase the new Switch through the links below. If you decide to buy the console elsewhere, here's how to distinguish the new Switch from the older model.


Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con

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Nintendo Switch with Neon Joy-Con Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con

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Avatar image for l33txtian

Can’t speak for others, but I did indeed trade in my Switch for the upgraded one *and* they did the in-store transfer.

Avatar image for cantor2537

So basically 75 bucks for 2-2.5 more hours of playtime. What a deal (not)

Avatar image for beachbum

@cantor2537: 75 bucks for double the playtime, joycons that won't drift, better screen, and the inability to hack your console.

Avatar image for darshie76

A steal :) 75 bucks LOL

Instead, if you are on a long journey and have time to spend playing for 9 hours straight; then you can either buy an airplane AC adapter or a power bank; which last twice as much as the internal Switch battery. Neither cost more than 75 bucks, and you save the hassle to deal with gamestop and transfer your data.

Avatar image for cybuster_88

4-9 hours? Battery life still isn't that great, tbh.

Avatar image for Sindroid

@cybuster_88: is not just the Battery that is improved. New Switch has a improved Nvidia chipset that runs more efficient and cooler.
I guess the problem with the joycon also has improved.

Avatar image for dhaynes25

I’m cool. I will stick with my current Switch till the Pro version arrives. I play my PS4 more than my Switch and it is usually docked. The extra battery life is irrelevant to me I just want those blue and red joy cons

Avatar image for wildhoney66

so if i understand this right and i hope i do, if i take my switch in to game stop i can trade it in for one with a longer battery ?

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@wildhoney66: Well, "trade it and $75 plus tax," but yes.

Avatar image for p3rrypm

Let’s be honest here...

Power efficiency was just one problem from the original switch and it’s great that they fixed that!

One of the biggest problems is that the hardware has always been over priced and this doesn’t change that, in fact it doubles down on the price. The main console should be at most $249 and the lite version at most $149 in my opinion.

Of course the second biggest issue is the fact that 2 and 3 years old games are still selling for $50 to $60 on average and that’s ridiculous! Just about every other game maker drops the price of their game after about a year (I know of only a few exceptions to this) and yet, it seems, that Nintendo could care less if people play their titles, because $300 for the console with no discounted games to help ease the pain on your wallet is a stupid position.

Anyway, these are the two biggest reasons why I won’t own one of these until Nintendo wakes the hell up! Charging the same price because you fixed a problem with the original, doesn’t add value to an already over priced console.

Avatar image for Sindroid

@p3rrypm: That is Nintendo.. All their own titles are full price all year every year.

Avatar image for ZIMdoom

@p3rrypm: I can't deny anything you've said, but this is a question of "value" which is highly subjective. I am a long time PS fan and Nintendo fan. I've been extremely critical of Nintendo over the years, but continue to buy their consoles for the 1st party lineup. However, I honesly love the switch and have played it FAR more than my PS4 since it came out. Right now I would much rather boot up and play my switch than almost anything else that is out on PS4. So to me, personally, the Switch is a great value. My kids play minecraft and fortnite on PS4, but other than that, they also play a lot of switch and mostly want/look forward too switch titles. Nintendo still has some issues, but if the future for the company is Switch 2, or whatever, other than going back to more standard consoles...I will happily be a big Nintendo fan for that time.

Avatar image for valtair

@p3rrypm: Nintendo has been doing the $50-60 price tag for their first party games for over a decade, and honestly they are right to do so because their first party titles are some of the highest quality titles in all of gaming so people aren't trading them in and the demand is always there for stuff like breath of the wild, super mario odyssey, mario kart 8, etc. etc.

They sell their hardware for a profit unlike sony and microsoft. That is their company philosophy, don't sell units at a loss and recoup the cost with software sales.

If you really want a switch, just wait for a black friday deal or something because they do happen and will give you in all likelihood a game bundled with a switch for $300 or something/$240 console and $60 game. That's when I bought mine.

Avatar image for cantor2537

@valtair: Wii games were cheaper than PS3 and 360 games when they first came out. Now Switch games are almost never discounted and are just as expensive if not more, especially for the older remakes.

The subscription service is also a joke with old NES games (where are the SNES and N64 or GameCube games). Tons of GameCube games that are still playable today that many missed out on because nobody had a GameCube that gen.

At least with a PS4 I can just subscribe to PSNow with or without Plus and will hold me over such that I rarely buy games now.

Avatar image for valtair

@cantor2537: Again, their first party titles are some of the best video games across all platforms. People continue to buy them for $50+ per game so they will continue to sell them for that price. I know when I buy a first party nintendo title for $60 that I'm going to, on average, get way more enjoyment and playtime out of that title then a game I buy for $20 for the pc, xbox, or PS4 because the quality is oustanding and the only reason nintendo is still relevant in the console market. Also of note, no one is forcing you to buy what you don't want to. Don't like the price? Don't buy it. It's incredibly simple logic.

Avatar image for freedom01

$75 with trade in sounds very appealing, I might just get it now, Plus with the $50 off coupon, you can basically just get it for $25

Avatar image for mcgnuggets

@freedom01: Hi sorry to bother u. I made this account just to ask, what $50 off coupon are u referring to? Where can I find more info, is it for Gamestop? Considering trading in my beloved Switch if there is such an offer atm. Thanks.

Avatar image for freedom01

@mcgnuggets: If you are a PowerUp Member, you get points for every purchase you make on Gamestop. If you save up enough points, you can redeem the points to get some stuffs, one of them being the coupons

Avatar image for mcgnuggets

@freedom01: Ah gotcha, thanks. Unfortunately I only ever shop at Gamestop on a blue moon, or a good Black Friday deal(like a console + free gift card deal). I get everything else through craigslist, or Best Buy price match. I only have 800 points... Actually, wouldn't accumulating 50,000 points correlate to spending quite a bit at Gamestop though? Free membership would mean $5000. Pro membership being $2500 spent. I'm surprised you were able to save up that much lol.

Is there a secret to getting more? Like whatever the birthday offer is?

Avatar image for freedom01

@mcgnuggets: for me, Gamestop is the only game retail store available here, so I accumulate points faster since I frequently purchase from there. I only use ebay or Amazon if the games are not available here.

Avatar image for Firosen

Man, Nintendo's really dead-set on undoing that hard exploit in the original Switch models.

Avatar image for bpmike83

different battery, same crappy hardware. it's not even like the average person goes on plane rides's wake up, get ready for work, go to work, come home, sit in front of the big screen TV, go to bed. ain't nobody got time for mobile gaming unless you're a kid.

Avatar image for Sindroid

@bpmike83: Has an improved GPU Chipset and maybe improved Joycon (problems with drifting on the old ones). Some users also tested the screen to have higher NIT (brightness) as well.

Avatar image for tootifruiiti

@Sindroid: did a light hardware breakdown on it but it seems the joy cons are identical, and the one she got actually had much worse NIT values so that isn't' a guarantee either. GPU chipset does seem different since bat is the same but no one can say for sure.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@bpmike83: You actually have it around the wrong way. It's the same battery but different hardware. It is even overclockable as Digital Foundry found out but it really only garners a few frames a second at best on intensive games such as Wolfenstein , Zelda etc. Still it does mean in hand held mode it can be that much smoother if you want to overclock the Switch. Personally i wouldn't do it on something that costs that much for such little gain but some mine.

They did notice games are a bit smoother on the new Switch in standard form though with less hitching present.

It is good they have managed to improve battery life so much with a newer designed processor all the same.

It is a shame it is not an advanced version though and is basically still the same device. I imagine in 3-4 years we might even have Xbox one X like performance out of a Switch console if they do another one.

Avatar image for zabieru

@deviltaz35: Digital Foundry didn't do any type of review on the hardware revision. Where did you get this info from???

Avatar image for onehitta323

@bpmike83: the hardware is fine. The battery is actually one thing that I would love to be improved on it. It does drain quick in my opinion. Also, you must not go out often because a ton of people commute to and from work, also play games while on break. So yes people have time for it.

Avatar image for cejay0813

@onehitta323: That's me in that boat. Yes he doesn't consider the people who actually travel for their job. Instead of lugging around a console to hotels the switch is an easier sell. All my time is played exclusively in handheld and that battery drain can be a bitch.... so this Gamestop offer is rather appealing in my case

Avatar image for onehitta323

@cejay0813: yes I definitely agree with ya !

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

@bpmike83: A ton of people commute on public transportation. The hardware is fine except for the fact that Nintendo doesn't let you own your save files.

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

I totally would have done this for the Switch-Lite, but they dropped the TV-connection...
My 'only' real problem with the switch is that on the RARE occasion I want to take it somewhere it's too big.
Otherwise I play it on my TV, you know, where it belongs.

Avatar image for stokes83

I just checked GameStop’s website and the trade in value for the switch is only showing $200. Do you have to mention a special promo code to get the extra $25?

Avatar image for gandorf

"upgrading it from roughly 2.5-6.5 hours of playtime to 4.5-9 hours of charge"

Playtime vs charge time? Is this a mistype? I'm assuming upgrading from 2.5-6.5 hours of playtime, to 4.5-9 hours of playtime? If so, that is definitely worth the $75.

Avatar image for iloveqwop

@gandorf: No by charge they mean just leaving it on all day doing nothing.

Avatar image for VampireLord123

I have a question, how do you identify an older model from the new one? Only by the box design or is there something else.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@VampireLord123: If you're holding the actual console in your hands, find the serial number. The new model's start with "XKW," while the original's begin "XAW."


Avatar image for whatwhat

Yeah so there's a problem. All 4 of the gamestop's in my area confirmed that you cannot do the account transfer which requires you to have your old switch and your new one. Because and I quote "we need to factory reset your old switch for the trade in process. Otherwise the trade in process cannot take place."

Avatar image for lynnmdy

@whatwhat: Whenever I have done a trade at Gamestop, they allow me to purchase the new one, take it home, transfer my data and then bring the old one in and they hand me back the trade amount in cold, hard cash.

Avatar image for jyml8582

@whatwhat: Isn't the save files saved to the memory card?

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@jyml8582: If I remember it correctly, the data on the memory card is basically "locked" to a given piece of hardware. You can pop it in and out of the same Switch over and over with no problem, but as soon as you put it into a different Switch, the data can't be read and you'll be prompted to format it.

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

@whatwhat: Can't you just buy the new one and then trade the old one for cash?

Avatar image for rawkstar007

@whatwhat: Having a Nintendo Online account with cloud saving would negate that issue, would it not?

Avatar image for Lamesy

@rawkstar007: Many big games lock their saves to the console and cannot be cloud saved. Splatoon 2, Dark Souls, Let's Go P/E for example. System transfer is the only way to retain these saves between consoles.

Avatar image for dantesergei

@Lamesy: That's just stupid. Good to know this kind of info.

Avatar image for xantufrog

Hm, that actually makes it a bit more tempting. I was scoffing at the idea of buying a new one, but $75 for a fresh battery AND a longer-lived unit is a good deal more appealing

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

Not too bad, really.

Avatar image for Lamesy

Have they put out a blanket statement allowing in-store system transfers to accompany this? That policy seems pretty unclear, and clarifying would boost trade in rates substantially IMO.

Avatar image for thatotherreviewdude

@Lamesy: No I think its based on the store. I went to one store which told me that they don't do in-store transfers but I have heard a very small amount of people were able to do it. I wish Nintendo would have a system that would allow us to connect our save files to our accounts rather than devices

Avatar image for thephenom921

@thatotherreviewdude: I did it today and my store let me do the transfer before I left!

  • 51 results
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