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How To Survive In Call Of Duty Mobile's Undead Siege Mode

Call Of Duty Mobile's Season 6: The Heat just added a new Zombies mode, and here's how you can survive the Undead Siege.


Call of Duty Mobile has added a new Undead Siege Zombies mode with the start of Season 6: The Heat. This limited-time mode brings the return of the iconic zombie-slaying characters of Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo. Undead Siege can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you're trying to attempt the mode with random teammates, so we have included some tips to help you survive.

Undead Siege isn't the typical round-based Zombies map you'd expect with these fan-favorite Black Ops Zombies characters. It's not quite as complex and lengthy as Cold War's Outbreak, but it is more of an objective-based defend mode. In this mobile Zombies mode, you must survive either three or five nights of the undead, with the nights required to survive depending on the difficulty selected.

There is a short tutorial you must complete before getting to select your difficulty, and that will give you the basics of how you'll spend your days and nights. Then you'll have the choice of a casual mode that requires you to survive three nights, or you can challenge yourself to five nights for better rewards.

Undead Siege's daytime is used for gathering supplies and building defenses for the nighttime fights. Daytime lasts for around two minutes of in-game time, and then you must return to Richtofen’s Control Center at night to protect it from a zombie attack. And then, surviving the night means using the weapons and resources collected during the day to set up defense turrets and mow down hordes of undead. You must protect the Control Center from hordes each night to advance, and each successive night gets more difficult to defend.

Richtofen’s Control Center
Richtofen’s Control Center

Here are some tips to help you win a match of Undead Siege:

Time Management:

It's important to spend your daytime wisely. Make sure you're collecting supply drops and looting as many resources as you can before nightfall. You want to make use of the vehicles around you, because traversing the map on foot will take most of your precious daylight.


If you're playing with friends, you definitely want to have communication. Nighttime in Undead Siege is all about defending Richtofen’s Control Center at one set location, so you can get easily overwhelmed if you're not communicating. I tried a few times with random players, but no one was using the chat feature.

Level Up Talents:

Undead Siege Talent Upgrades
Undead Siege Talent Upgrades

Leveling up your talents is important. In Undead Siege you can have "talents" you can upgrade, which are things like sentry guns, health buffs, and tools. I definitely recommend focusing on your sentry gun upgrades. The sentry gun isn't a great killstreak in Cold War's Zombies, but it's a necessity in Call of Duty: Mobile. It's a bit of a grind to level up and upgrade talents, so you might want to play the casual mode a few times to level up and get the upgrades for the turret armor and weapon upgrade talents.

Take Out Those Elites:

A horde of Wardens attacking the Control Center
A horde of Wardens attacking the Control Center

Protecting the Control Center can get tough, especially with armored enemies like the Wardens, who are heavy-hitting elite enemies who can deal damage to your base. You always want to keep an eye on your base while fighting off the horde, as the base will need to be repaired with the wrench tool if it takes too much damage. So, you'll want to take out these armored enemies fast. I recommend scavenging the cluster grenades for use on the Wardens. Surprisingly, the wrench repair tool also works well for a melee weapon the Wardens. The wrench is a two-hit melee kill, whereas Wardens are absolute bullet sponges against your guns and turrets.

Good Turret Placement:

Nights get harder as you progress, so I also recommend moving your turrets closer to the Control Center after night two. You're going to get way more zombies pushing into the area, and the turrets will be more beneficial if kept back a bit.

These tips should help you find success whether playing with friends or randoms. Grinding out games of Undead Siege will reward you with cosmetics like weapon blueprints and a Zombified Tank Dempsey operator skin. Call of Duty Mobile also teased an Undead Siege-themed event coming later in the season to offer more rewards, including a Zombified Edward Richtofen operator skin.

This new mobile content arrives in the game as Activision Blizzard is facing multiple lawsuits concerning alleged sexual harassment and a "frat boy" culture.

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