How To Stream Devs, The Best Sci-Fi Show On Television Right Now

Why are you watching other shows when you could be watching Devs?


There's plenty of decent science fiction to stream on TV during this trying time of self-isolation, whether you're interested in the near-future body-swapping of HBO's Westworld Season 3 or the slightly-less-near-future body-swapping of Netflix's Altered Carbon Season 2. But chances are you're missing out on the best sci-fi show to hit the airwaves (or, in this case, streaming world) in years: FX's Devs. Granted, it's understandable if Devs has slipped under your radar, since figuring out where to stream it can be slightly confusing.

So how do you actually watch FX's Devs? In a seeming contradiction (appropriate for a show largely concerned with concepts of determinism and free will), Devs doesn't actually air on FX. Instead, Devs is an "FX on Hulu" show. In other words, the whole show is streaming exclusively on Hulu. If you have a Hulu subscription, you can stream it right now. And you definitely should--read on to find out why.

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Devs comes from the mind of writer and director Alex Garland, whose previous high concept sci-fi mindf***s include, in addition to much more, the 2014 AI/android film Ex Machina and 2018's adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's novel Annihilation. The show follows employees and executives at a Google-like tech firm whose clandestine "Devs" division hides a world-changing secret--one that CEO Forest (Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman) will do anything to hide, unfortunately for protagonist Lily (Sonoya Mizuno, who previously dazzled us in Ex Machina, as well as the fantastic 2018 Netflix show Maniac).

Devs is very much consistent with Garland's previous sci-fi work: thought-provoking, uncompromisingly intelligent, and hauntingly beautiful. And best of all, it's complete--the finale, Episode 8, airs April 16--so you'll soon be able to watch the whole thing in one eight-hour-long, mindblowing binge. We know you love a good binge.

In our review of Devs, we said, "It's obvious that FX spared no expense in allowing Devs to exist exactly how Garland envisioned it, complete with staggering practical sets, spine-tingling horror-flavored scoring, and visual effects that ooze style at every turn. Those key factors, in addition to the strong cast and crisp writing, make Devs feel like an art piece that will be worth revisiting and analyzing time and time again."

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