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In Fortnite Chapter 3, you can now slide like Kevin McCallister on the ice rink after he pockets the stolen toothbrush. Sliding while shooting brings a whole new dynamic to the game's gunfights and traversal mechanics, but it's maybe not immediately clear how to slide in Fortnite. We'll walk you through it here, so you can slide into danger soon after.

How to slide in Fortnite

Sliding is a new mechanic and very easy to pull off. When sprinting with your character, you can hold the crouch button--by default that's the right stick on controller and the Ctrl key on a keyboard--to initiate a slide. But bear in mind that the hold is only needed to begin the slide. Once you're sliding, you can let go of the crouch button and forward momentum will carry you through the end of the slide.

Fortnite is a fantastic voyage.
Fortnite is a fantastic voyage.

If you don't hold it at first, you'll merely crouch like the old days, so make sure to really hold the button. It only takes a moment, but the game is good at distinguishing when you intended to hold it versus just pressing it. If you don't like the slide button being there, you can remap it in the controller configuration menu. Fortnite includes complete re-map capabilities, so take your pick.

You can also cancel a slide by pressing the crouch button once again. Sliding in Fortnite is a lot of fun because of the physics at play. If you're going down a slope, you'll slide for much longer and even a bit faster. Slide through a doorway like Kramer borrowing cereal, then snap, crackle, and pop your way out of a gunfight, taking enemies by surprise with your smooth moves. You can adjust the trajectory of your slide slightly as you move, so with practice will come sliding perfection.

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