How To Respec In Thymesia

Move those stat points around!


Thymesia is a challenging game, so it's good that you're given an abundance of opportunities to level up your character. You'll always want to ensure that you're prepared for the multitude of powerful enemies and towering boss fights that stand in your way, and getting your stat spread right is often the key to victory.

Thymesia only has three stats to level up, so you can get away with upgrading them evenly during the early part of the game. But if you want to maximize your effectiveness later, you may decide to swap out some extra health for more damage or gain some additional energy for using plague weapons. To do so, though, you'll need to respec--but the item required to do it can only be obtained one way.

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How to respec

In order to respec your stat points in Thymesia, you'll need to get your hands on an item called Forgotten Feather. These are only received by defeating bosses at the end of levels, so you will have a very limited amount of them throughout your journey unless you go back and farm the bosses for additional drops. Because of this, be cautious and mindful about how you're allocating your points so you don't have to do too much unnecessary grinding.

You will receive your first Forgotten Feather after defeating the game's first major boss, at which point you'll unlock the ability to respec. Simply select "Use Forgotten Feather" while resting anywhere in the game, and you'll reset your level and all of your attributes, allowing you to completely rework your build as you see fit.

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