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How To Respec In Lords Of The Fallen

Sometimes you just want to reset your build and try something new.


If you've played any Soulslike before, you'll probably recognize quite a lot of familiar features in Lords of the Fallen. From challenging action-RPG combat and tense exploration to bonfire-esque checkpoints that replenish your limited healing items--it's all here. Of course, this includes leveling your character's various stats to meet your specific build choice so that you can ensure you're making the most of your playstyle. But what happens if you want to respec those points and try something new? Luckily, you can--and we'll tell you how to make it happen below.

How to respec in Lords of the Fallen

To respec in Lords of the Fallen, you'll first need to visit the game's main hub, Skyrest, which is unlocked after defeating Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal early in the game. If you have a Rebirth Chrysalis in your inventory, you can approach Pieta, who now stands just left of the Vestige in the main hall of the area. Select the option to reset your build, then reassign your points as you see fit.

You'll need a Rebirth Chrysalis to respec.
You'll need a Rebirth Chrysalis to respec.

As for obtaining a Rebirth Chrysalis, they're exceptionally rare, so you could reasonably play through the entire game and never come across one in the wild. However, you can purchase one Rebirth Chrysalis for 8,000 Vigor from Molhu in Skyrest, who can be found up the stairs to the left of the vestige. He will only show up while in Umbral, however, so use your lamp to enter that realm before speaking to him.

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