How To Prepare For Bunny Day In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bunny Day is returning to Animal Crossing. Make sure you have all the eggs and recipes you need to get the exclusive reward.


Bunny Day is making its annual return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game's take on Easter involves acquiring eggs hidden all around your island, acquiring event-exclusive DIY recipes, and crafting new furniture and decorations. Bunny Day was first made available as part of a free update released just prior to launch. This year, it starts on April 4, but you'll be able to get exclusive items from Nook's Cranny starting March 28. Read on to learn how to prepare for the event.

If it works the same as last year, your intro to Bunny Day should involve Zipper T. Bunny making an appearance on your island, but he won't stick around the whole time. Speaking with Zipper will reward you with a DIY recipe and get you the basic details of what's going on during the event. If you're still confused or you just want to know how to prepare for Bunny Day, here's what you should focus on:

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Collect Bunny Day Eggs

One of the biggest changes brought about by Bunny Day is the appearance of a new crafting ingredient in the form of special elemental eggs. There are six types of eggs: leaf, stone, water, sky, earth, and wood.

  • Leaf egg -- trees
  • Stone eggs -- rocks
  • Water eggs -- fishing
  • Sky eggs -- popping Bunny Day-colored balloons
  • Earth eggs -- digging up fossil-style cracks
  • Wood eggs -- hitting trees with an axe

You'll want to collect as many of these eggs as possible once the event kicks off, not just for crafting Bunny Day recipes, but to learn new ones too.

Collect Bunny Day Recipes

Recipes you obtain--which include the Bunny Day fence, stool, bed, and glowy garland--are crafted using eggs you catch. Zipper teases that if you're able to acquire every recipe and craft its corresponding item, he'll have a special gift for you. More recipes will be hidden during the event, so it sounds as if you won't be able to necessarily complete your collection on the first day, but you should still be on the hunt for as many as you can.

Craft Bunny Day Recipes

There are 17 Bunny Day DIY recipes that are required crafting to get Zipper's prize, but there are dozens to find in total. If you haven't started now, you only have a few days left to hunt them all down.

Prepare For Bunny Day

Besides collecting the required Bunny Day DIY recipes and other optional Bunny Day decor if you're feeling festive, the best way to prepare for Bunny Day in the days leading up is to collect as many eggs as possible. Zipper will have special Bunny Day-exclusive recipes to hand out and there might be more in store, so it will be good to have as much of the necessary crafting ingredients as possible. You don't want to be digging up eggs last minute!

We'll report back with any new details as we uncover them, but in the meantime, check out our hybrid flowers and turnips guides to better understand some of the many elements at work in New Horizons.

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