How To Pitch A Freelance Feature To GameSpot

GameSpot Pitching 101

GameSpot is on the lookout for freelancers to contribute long-form written feature content to the site, so if you have experience in writing about games or pop culture and have a great idea that you think would be a fit for our audience, then we'd love to hear from you. But before you send us your pitch, read the guidance below to get a better idea of exactly what we're looking for.

What Types of Features Do We Want?

GameSpot wants features that will appeal to our broad audience of players and consumers of games and pop culture. That's a big brief, but to narrow it down, we want stories that explore the way we access and play games today; that explore games culture and the many ways it's changing; that look into the future and explore how games will evolve; or that go in-depth behind the biggest news stories of the day.

These features will be based on meticulous research and interviews with relevant subjects, and will be written in an engaging and entertaining style. That means we're not looking for opinion pieces, or a critique based on personal experience, or any hot takes. For freelance features, we want stories relevant to the consumer experience, which means pitches that are too industry or developer focused are non-starters. GameSpot staff have the industry and development side covered, but we want to give more voices the chance to explore games and other entertainment, and the stories around them, in their own way.

We want to give you the space to tell these stories, so length can be anywhere from 1500 to 4000 words. And we pay well! Rates are negotiable depending on a writer's experience and/or how complex a story is, and we can work with a writer on either a per-word or per entire article fee.

What Are Your Next Steps?

If you have a feature idea, please email us at We'd love to get as much detail as you can give us--what your story is about, why you think it'll be a fit for our audience, who you'll be looking to speak to as part of the story, and more. If we're interested, we'll reach out to you directly and talk about what the next steps should be.

If you don't hear back from us, don't lose hope. GameSpot receives many pitches on a weekly basis and we unfortunately won't have the time to respond directly to all of them. But rest assured that we do look at everything that lands in our inbox, and will give due consideration to all thoughtful pitches.

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