How To Open The Slums Safe In Stray

Stuck on the Slums alley safe in Stray? Have no fear, our guide is here.


The Slums alley safe in Stray is an early mystery, and it contains one of the pieces of Sheet Music you'll need to give Morusque. Read on to learn how to crack it open.

Where to find the safe

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In order to complete the set of Sheet Music, you'll need to open the Slums Safe, which can be found in the alley to the right of Morusque, the guitar-playing robot that collects Sheet Music.

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Morusque can be found just down the stairs to the left of Guardian, the first robot you meet in The Slums.

How to unlock the slums safe

Approach and inspect the safe to obtain a note. Show it to B-12, who will translate it to "follows the numbers." Head to Elliot Programming, on the main street in the slums, then read the note on the door to unlock the ability to knock on the door.

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Scratch at it and Nestor will open the door. Head through it while it's open and go up the stairs across the room to find an upper area, where you can meet Elliot.

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Show him the note and he'll tell you it says "Dufer Bar." Head to the window that's covered in a green shade, then scratch it to open the window. Hop outside and down to ground level and you'll be just outside Dufer Bar.

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Head inside and climb up on the bar, then turn left. Swipe at the picture of the beach to knock it off the wall, revealing a code. 1-2-83.

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Return to the safe and enter the code. The safe will open, giving you the ability to pick up Sheet Music 8/8.

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