How To Open The CoD: Warzone Vault At Nakatomi Plaza

Here's how to find the keycards needed to score all the cash in Nakatomi Plaza.


Call of Duty's Season 3 Reloaded has arrived, bringing an '80s Action Heroes event that features John Rambo and John McClane. And with Die Hard's John McClane comes the movie's iconic Nakatomi Plaza to Warzone, which has a lootable vault of $100,000.

Nakatomi Plaza has replaced the Broadcast Tower in Downtown, now serving as Verdansk's tallest building. There are also optional missions around the plaza that will help you get into a vault loaded with cash.

The vault is located on the 31st floor, and it contains three safety deposit boxes that each require their own keycard to unlock. You can access the vault using any of the three keycards, but you'll need all three keycards to cash out with all the money. Here's how to obtain the Warzone keycards needed to loot Nakatomi Plaza's vault.

I recommend attempting the cash grab in Warzone's Plunder mode with a squad of friends, as Nakatomi Plaza is a pretty crowded place to land, and you'll want to take advantage of Plunder's respawning. You can also do this in three trips or with all the keycards at once, which will be a very difficult feat until the novelty of this map wears off and fewer enemies are crowding the area.


Go to the Downtown area and look for the Unfinished Business contract. These special Warzone contracts can be found around the Nakatomi Plaza. You want to grab one quickly because there are limited contracts available for each match. Activate it and complete the contract, which is pretty similar to Warzone's existing Scavenger contracts. Completing this will reward you with Keycard 1.

Take the keycard to Floor 31 of Nakatomi Plaza. It might be faster and safer to use the rappel to ascend the elevator shaft. This only gets you so far up the tower, then you'll need to climb another set of stairs, or take another zipline to rappel up. The vault is opposite a wall with a large black and gold logo.

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There are monitors by the vault entrance. Interact with the screens to open the vault, then go inside and collect your cash. This doesn't work without at least one keycard.

Once inside the vault, look for the wall of safety deposit boxes, and one can be opened with each keycard. Just look for the safety deposit box that correlates to your keycard(s) in hand.

Keycard 1's safety deposit box awards you a Specialist Bonus and more cash.


For this keycard you'll want to access Nakatomi Plaza's roof. As soon as you hit the rooftop, a mission will pop up on your screen that says: "Hostile Fire: find and disarm the C4." And disarming the C4 is pretty easy, assuming there aren't any hostile players in the area. The C4 is marked on your screen, so you simply need to go over to it and deactivate. Completing this mission will earn you Keycard 2.

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It's also worth noting here that everyone on the rooftop gets this mission, but there's only one chance to disarm the C4. If someone beats you to the punch and gets the keycard, you'll have to kill them to loot the card off their body.

After obtaining Keycard 2, you can use it at the same vault. Pretty much the same process is used here. You grab the money and open the safety deposit box designated for Keycard 2.

This box will reward you with an Advanced UAV and cash.


For the third keycard, you'll want to search the base just outside of Nakatomi Plaza. Look for a small staircase just off the sidewalk that leads underneath the building, which will take you to the Plaza's underground parking lot.

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There you'll find a blue cargo truck with its doors open. The truck's interior is lit up and there's a table inside. Interact with the table to activate the Deal Gone Wrong mission, which spawns some AI henchmen to kill. You need to kill off two waves of the bot enemies, and wave two has a tough brute enemy that is a bullet-sponge. This is a very difficult fight to attempt alone, so bring some teammates and finish both waves to earn the keycard.

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Again, take the keycard back to the vault using the same process as before, and you'll be rewarded with cash. Keycard 3's safety deposit box gives you a Contraband weapon blueprint.

With this being day one of Season 3 Reloaded's event, it's going to be really hard to obtain all the keycards and cash in one match. I'd recommend dropping on the roof and going for the C4 mission straight away, or maybe try your luck with the henchmen in the basement. Assuming it's like past Warzone Easter eggs, these vault missions will probably stick around throughout the entire event.

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