How To Obtain And Upgrade CRBR-S Wonder Weapon In CoD: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies Mauer Der Toten

Black Ops Cold War's new Zombies Wonder Weapon for Mauer der Toten is powerful and upgradable to different variants.


Call of Duty's Season 4 Reloaded update for Black Ops Cold War Zombies adds lots of new content with the launch of Mauer der Toten, including a powerful new Wonder Weapon. The CRBR-S Wonder Weapon starts off as an energy-based pistol with an orbiting repeater that fires an extra shot when you fire. To upgrade it into one of three additional variants, you’ll need special weapon Mod Kits that will attach onto the CRBR-S, modifying it into a completely different weapon.

How To Get The CRBR-S Wonder Weapon

There are a few ways to get the new CRBR-S Wonder Weapon in your hands:

While not a guarantee, your odds might be best with the Trials feature. Simply locate and activate the Trials computer terminal on the map, and keep activating and completing trials until your reward reaches the "legendary" rarity status. You might end up getting a different high-end gun or a perk as your reward, but this is going to be a more favorable approach than just getting lucky with the Mystery Box. Your odds are even better of getting at least one Wonder Weapon if you have a full team of four and everyone attempts the trials.

If you feel luck is on your side, you can gamble your points at the Mystery Box, but there are so many guns added into the weapon pool that this is best as a last resort.

The third way is by completing an Easter egg quest. This requires that you've first turned on power and activated Pack-A-Punch, as well as activated the robot named Klaus.

CRBR-S Wonder Weapon Quest

Once you have Klaus activated, guide him to the nearby Switch Control Room. There you'll find a locker with the number 0 above it. Use your Tactical Equipment remote to target the locker. Klaus will open it. Inside, you’ll find a Blacklight flashlight item that you'll need to grab.

Switch Control Room locker 0
Switch Control Room locker 0

Next, go to the Garment Factory. Shine your Blacklight around the area to discover hidden numbers that are unique to your game. This is completely random as far as where the numbers might appear in the room each map, and also what the set of numbers will be. Write them down.

This is what the numbers will look like. My Garment Room numbers were 21.
This is what the numbers will look like. My Garment Room numbers were 21.

This blacklight part can get tricky, especially if you're playing solo. It's easy to get cornered and killed by the zombies. I recommend using Decoy equipment to distract the zombies while you search. Sometimes the numbers are high up on the walls, and something you'll get a sneaky spot low on the wall or in a corner.

The second location will be the Service Passage. Use your Blacklight item on the walls here to discover your next set of numbers.

Finally, take the Blacklight to the Grocery Store. Find your final set of hidden numbers.

Once you have all your numbers written down, head back to Hotel Room 305 where you collected the robot hands for Klaus. Inside the room is a safe. You'll want to enter the numbers you found as the combination--do so in the specific order you retrieved them The safe will unlock and grant you the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon.

The base CRBR-S Wonder Weapon is a powerful laser pistol, and it has a rotating bullet orbiting it that will also damage surrounding enemies. It can be further upgraded with variant mods.

How CRBR-S Upgrades Work

Once you actually have the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon in hand, you can choose to add even more power with modifications. Zombies will randomly drop one of three variant upgrades to choose from:

  • CRBR-S Swarm: The Swarm variant fires a swarm of lock-on missiles at targeted enemies when fired. The weapon mod uses 4 ammo per shot, but deals significant damage to offset the extra ammo cost.
  • CRBR-S Blazer: The Blazer variant will transform your CRBR-S into a laser rifle, and this one is a pretty powerful upgrade as well.
  • CRBR-S Diffuser: The CRBR-S Diffuser variant is more of a close-range weapon good for crowd-control. It fires in blasts similar to a shotgun.

TheGamingRevolution has a great guide that shows each variant in action.

You can also switch up the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon variant at any time, so you don't have to worry about committing to one specific type. Try them all to find what's best suited for your playstyle.

If you're looking for more to do on Mauer der Toten, there's a really wacky disco bunny Easter egg to unlock as well.

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