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How To Make You Feel Bad About Your Zelda Skills In 42 Seconds

GameSpot's own Max Blumenthal takes down a horde of enemies in the most ridiculous way.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers a plethora of ways to take down enemies, but recently, a player took that to a new level. A new 42-second clip from GameSpot's own video producer Max Blumenthal went viral, depicting an absurd sequence of events.

The video starts with Blumenthal facing off against a Hinox and several smaller enemies. Then, the player utilizes the Rewind ability to freeze an incoming boulder in mid-air, before Ascending through it. Once at the top of the boulder (that's still in mid-air), Blumenthal then proceeds to shoot all the enemies with arrows from above.

After taking down a few enemies with arrows, the player launches up into the air once again, this time with a rocket. Following a graceful landing, an explosion takes down several more enemies before Blumenthal is back in the air, shooting more arrows at the enemies. From there, the player uses a Boomerang, and then a Zonai device to surf around the area, before taking nearly everyone else down in a swift, fluid motion.

It's an impressive sequence of events that is almost difficult to parse, proving that almost anything is possible in this game.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launched earlier in May and received critical acclaim. It's also a commercial success, surpassing 10 million copies sold in just 10 days. It's available exclusively for Nintendo Switch now.

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