How To Improve The Boredom Moodle In Project Zomboid

Surviving the apocalypse can get boring, but don't let it get to your character.


You've done it, you have a base, your character is surviving and thriving, all that's left to do now is, well, not die. But for some reason, your character has the bored moodle. As innocuous as this may seem, boredom in Project Zomboid can lead to unhappiness, and if your character's unhappy, they'll perform actions slower than usual. Here's how you can stave off boredom in Project Zomboid.

Get outside and do something

Boredom in Project Zomboid mainly has one source: staying indoors. While it's safe to stay in your nice, secluded, boarded-up shack, it's also dreadfully boring for your character. If your character gets bored, do them a favor and head out into the dangerous, exciting world of Kentucky.

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Just about anything you can do outside will alleviate boredom. Drive a car around if you have one, smash some zombies or exercise. It doesn't really matter as long as it's outdoors.

Treat yourself

One of the worst things you can do for your character's happiness and entertainment is feed them the same thing over and over again. Keep the cans of beans in your cabinets and try to find some exciting, varied food if your character is getting bored. The more ingredients that go into making it, the better your character will feel after their meal.

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If the power around you has gone off and all the food around you is rotten, try to forage for food. In the right environments you can find edible berries and herbs, which can provide a substantial boost in mood.

Take a load off and read

If you're just standing around inside, eating and being safe, you're wasting a whole lot of time and boredom is going to set in. Instead, use that time wisely and read a book. Whether it's a skill book, magazine, or comic book, any literature you find can be read for entertainment.

The same can be done with a TV or radio, provided you have power. VHS tapes can give your character hours of entertainment, all at the cost of some electricity.

In your character's first days though, boredom won't matter as much as fending off the undead hordes. If you're just starting in Project Zomboid we have a guide on how to make it through the game's first night.

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