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How To Help Trans People By Donating To Charity

Trans people are often the targets of abuse and violence. Here's how you can help.

The Wizarding World franchise made famous by the Harry Potter novels and films is getting a big-budget video game adaptation soon, with the release of Hogwarts Legacy. However, the game's release has taken place in the shadow of the franchise's creator. JK Rowling has become a prominent anti-transgender activist, using her considerable reach to consistently attack and belittle both individual transgender people and trans identity more broadly.

As a marginalized group, trans people are disproportionately targets of harassment and violence. In the United States and elsewhere, there is organized political activism centered around denying medical treatment and safe spaces to trans people. The consistent abuse contributes to an unhealthy environment for trans people, leading to higher-than-average rates of mental health issues and self-harm. Trans people need support and care, and that need will persist long past the release of any video game.

Below, you'll find a brief list of some of the most prominent organizations committed to helping in the fight for trans equality, and for supporting those in crisis. Please consider donating.

National Center for Transgender Equality

This US-based nonprofit organization founded in 2003 focuses primarily on policy advocacy to advance the visibility and equality of transgender people. The organization is committed to addressing a broad range of policy and legal issues from employment discrimination, fair housing, hate crimes, and healthcare access.

Transgender Law Center

This organization performs public policy advocacy and educational opportunities to promote the rights of transgender people, as well as connects individual transgender people and families to legal services.

The Trevor Project

This nonprofit organization founded in 1998 is focused primarily on suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth, with its own toll-free telephone number staffed by trained counselors. It also offers resources to educate parents and educators about trans youth.

Trans Lifeline

Trans Lifeline is a crisis hotline, similar to the Trevor Project, though with the added distinction that all of its operators are transgender themselves. The non-profit organization also awards microgrants.

Further Transgender Resources via GLAAD

For more information and resources, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has an extensive list of Transgender resources. These include a wide range of transgender organizations including ones that intersect with other minority groups, along with links for advocacy and legal assistance.

Hogwarts Legacy is developed by Avalanche Software, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Although she is not personally involved with its development, Rowling stands to profit from its success. For more, read our in-depth article on how Rowling's comments have impacted the trans community.

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