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How To Get Wolverine's Fortnite Skin

Wolverine's special gear is separate from Season 4's battle pass.


Wolverine has a special unlockable skin in the Fortnite Season 4 battle pass. Players will need to complete several challenges this season in order to unlock Wolverine, and now that Week 6 has come, that includes the Wolverine skin itself. Once players complete these challenges they'll be able to take on Wolverine's special Awakening Challenges in order to unlock a special emote for the character. You won't want to miss your chance to take down the legendary superhero. Just make sure you're up to the challenge.

How To Unlock Wolverine's Skins

Fortnite Season 4 Wolverine Skin
Fortnite Season 4 Wolverine Skin

Fortnite's Wolverine skin comes in multiple styles: a standard one with his trademark yellow and blue suit and then a "classic" one with a red and yellow suit. You can also unlock a special loading screen, back bling, weapon skin, icon, glider, and harvesting tool by completing the weekly Wolverine challenges. There are several you'll have to get through, but most of them can be completed fairly quickly. As you get near the end, you may need some friends. Things can get a little bit more difficult.

The Week 6 challenge for Wolverine is now live, and requires you to defeat Wolverine at the Weeping Woods location. Both the Wolverine Outfit and Classic Style outfit are available. You'll be greeted by this screen when you first start up Fortnite. It isn't an easy challenge by any means. You'll have to deal with Wolverine's healing factor, and should probably bring some friends with you. If you get ambushed by enemies, they'll be able to keep the fire off you while you focus on Wolverine. Without help, this battle can be much harder.

Wolverine Unlock Requirements:

  • Wolverine
    • Buy Season 4 Battle Pass
    • Complete all Wolverine challenges
    Wolverine (Classic)
    • Buy Season 4 Battle Pass
    • Unlock the Wolverine skin
    • Complete 10 challenges from Week 5 or 6

Wolverine Challenges And Rewards

Fortnite Adamantium Slash Loading Screen
Fortnite Adamantium Slash Loading Screen

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