How To Get The Winterbite Exotic Glaive From The Hall Of Heroes In Destiny 2: Lightfall

Hall of Heroes is a lengthy questline, but it all leads to the new Winterbite Exotic glaive.


The Winterbite Exotic glaive is one of the new weapons you can get your hands on in Destiny 2: Lightfall. It's a very fun, heavy-hitting weapon that's available at the conclusion of the Hall of Heroes quests, which are a lengthy set of missions that get you access to a new weekly activity and an additional Exotic.

The Hall of Heroes quests are only accessible after you complete the Lightfall campaign. The Hall of Heroes intertwines with the Unfinished Business quest for the Deterministic Chaos Exotic machine gun, gives access to the Partition activity, and the Restored and Remembered Triumph for Lightfall’s Virtual Fighter Title.

The end of the Lightfall campaign sends you to the Hall of Heroes to receive Strand and to speak with Nimbus. After you grab the Unfinished Business quest and go through the cutscene in the Hall of Heroes, speak with a hologram of the city archivist Quinn Laghari to get the Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest.

Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest

This is an introductory quest that directs you to different audio tour nodes in the memorial room to learn about Neomuna and Cloud Strider history before leading into a set of quests named after the damaged memorials: Stargazer, Maelstrom, Bluejay, and Strider.

Strider is the last quest of the Hall of Heroes questline and gives you the Winterbite Exotic heavy weapon glaive.

Stargazer quest

Stargazer is first of the four Hall of Heroes quests, and you’ll need access to the Terminal Overload public event, which unlocks at Reputation Rank 11 with Nimbus, or you can participate in the activity by patrolling the area that has Terminal Overload. Terminal Overload has multiple waves of enemies and mechanics before getting to the final boss fight. Keep in mind that the final bosses are Power 1810. Loot the reward chest.

Then, defeat the Vex Hydra in Esi Terminal marked on your map near the Hypernet Current strike. A handful of enemies spawn in that area, including wyverns and cyclops.

The next part of the quest requires a bit of a grind to obtain a Terminal Overload Key. Those keys randomly drop when you finish Neomuna public events, patrols, or loot chests--especially in the Vex Incursion Zone on Neomuna. For guaranteed Terminal Overload Keys, get to Reputation Rank 12 with Nimbus to unlock the Terminal Overload Key bounty.

Jump into Terminal Overload to grab the key chest using the Terminal Overload Key and return to the Hall of Heroes to restore the Stargazer memorial.

Quinn will hand you another quest called Maelstrom.

Maelstrom quest

Maelstrom's first objective tells you to go to the Vex Incursion Zone, marked on the Neomuna map. Here, you'll have to grab chests, Cloud Accretion material, participate in public events, and do patrols to complete the progress bar--it takes a bit of time. It'll also ask you to bond with Strand sources, which are marked by a star when they pop up during public events, Terminal Overload, or randomly spawn in the area.

Strand source on Neomuna
Strand source on Neomuna

Next, complete the Lost Sector in the Vex Incursion Zone; Zephyr Concourse, Ahimsa Park, and Límíng Harbor each have a Lost Sector. Then repair the Maelstrom memorial in the Hall of Heroes and get the Bluejay quest from Quinn.

Bluejay quest

Visit Nimbus, then defeat combatants with the Strand subclass equipped in the area marked as a Vex Incursion Zone on your map to pick up eight Shellcode Fragments. You’ll also be tasked with retrieving a Polymorphic Engine from the Terminal Overload Key chest to unlock the Partition: Hard Reset activity on Neomuna.

Complete the Partition activity with at least Power 1750 gear on your character and Champion mods. You can check out the Partition guide for tips and how to access it with a weekly bounty. Once done, return to the Hall of Heroes to restore the Bluejay memorial and grab your reward from Quinn. Finally, Quinn will hand you the Strider quest for the Winterbite Exotic glaive.

Strider - the Winterbite Exotic quest

After speaking with Quinn, grab the Terminal Overload Key chests at all three locations: Ahimsa Park, Zephyr Concourse, and Límíng Harbor; the Terminal Overload location rotates daily. Defeat Shadow Legion Combatants on Neomuna for 20 Location Data--this data doesn't always drop from every enemy--and then complete the Gilded Precept Lost Sector for a data cipher from defeating the boss and grabbing the Lost Sector chest.

Visit Quinn at the Hall of Heroes again and restore the Strider memorial. Lastly, defeat the Hydras and shut down the Vex confluxes at Maya's Retreat; you can get there through the glittery caves in Límíng Harbor. There will be many Vex enemies surrounding that area.

Head back to Quinn for the Winterbite Exotic heavy glaive.

Reward: Winterbite Exotic glaive

The Winterbite Exotic glaive gear details
The Winterbite Exotic glaive gear details

As a heavy weapon, the Winterbite glaive has a smaller magazine size than other glaives. Its Intrinsic Trait fires a slow-moving Stasis crystal that temporarily freezes enemies and deals damage. It also comes with a trait called Weighted Edge where melee attacks deal more damage and slow targets when the glaive is loaded with ammo.

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