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How To Get The Genesis and Evernight Tuning Stones in Diablo 4

The two best Tuning Stones you can acquire in Diablo 4 are only available through a couple of specific methods.


There are 25 total Tuning Stones you can acquire in Diablo 4, but that doesn't include the two most powerful of the bunch, the Evernight and Genesis. These are called Uber Tuning Stones and they are far rarer than any of the other Tuning Stones you can get your hands on in Season 3.

The Evernight and Genesis stones are only found by completing specific tasks in Diablo 4. However, the reward is worth the effort, as both stones can be incredibly powerful if you equip the right Governing Stones along with them. To see the methods of acquiring both Uber Tuning Stones, look at the guide below.

Getting the Evernight Uber Tuning Stone

First up, we have the Evernight Uber Tuning Stone, which has the following effect: "The supported Skill grants you +4 to all Skills when used for 2.0 seconds." You are also to upgrade the Evernight stone by acquiring more of them and slotting them in on your Seneschal companion.

Unfortunately, even just finding one of the Evernight stones will prove to be extremely difficult. There are only a few known methods that have the chance to reward you with the Evernight stone, and all of them have very low drop rates. You can see all the loot methods we know of below:

  • Complete Arcane Tremor events by defeating the Herald of Malphas
  • Run and finish Vaults as well as open Wardwoven Chests within the Vaults
  • Craft Tuning Stones using Shattered Stones at a Jeweler
  • Defeat the Echo of Malphas

Out of all those methods, the highest drop rate for the Evernight stone is defeating the Echo of Malphas. While this boss is extremely difficult to defeat, especially solo, that might be the fastest way to earn your first Uber Tuning Stone.

Getting the Genesis Uber Tuning Stone

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Next, there is the Genesis Uber Tuning Stone, which has a completely different effect than the Evernight. The effect is as follows: "Increase the effectiveness of the Supported Skill by 150%."

The methods to acquire the Genesis stone is the exact same as the Evernight stone. Once again, your best chance to earn the stone is defeat the Echo of Malphas. This means defeating the boss has the potential to drop either of the Uber Tuning Stones, so your odds of landing one of them is decent, relatively speaking.

You will probably have to practice extreme patience when trying to get either of the Uber Tuning Stones, so don't expect to get it quickly. Of course, if the RNG is on your side, you could have your Seneschal decked out with an Uber Tuning Stone or two faster than you expect.

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