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How To Get Sea Jelly In Stardew Valley

This new crafting material is hard to find, but not with our guide.


Stardew Valley’s Sea Jelly is one of several new materials in the 1.6 update with one specific purpose, but finding it is a bit more difficult than you might expect. You’ll want to do some prep work before hitting the beach, and even then, you might need more patience than usual.

We’ve explained where to find Sea Jelly in Stardew Valley below and outlined what you can, and should, do with it once you find the rare item.

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Where to find Stardew Valley Sea Jelly

This may come as a surprise, but you’ll find Sea Jelly in the sea. Any sea. Every body of water outside the mines that doesn’t count as a river or pond has a small chance of gracing your pockets with the slimy blue gel. That includes:

  • The beach south of Pelican Town
  • The beaches around Ginger Island
  • Pirate Cove
  • The Fishing Submarine that shows up during winter’s Night Market

In theory, that means you should also have a small chance of finding Sea Jelly if you live on the Beach Farm and go fishing there, though I haven’t found any so far.

It might take a while before you get even one Sea Jelly, so be patient.
It might take a while before you get even one Sea Jelly, so be patient.

The “small chance” of getting Sea Jelly at this location is the key here. The item is pretty rare, though you can increase your chance of hooking Sea Jelly by using luck-boosting items. These include eating foods such as pumpkin soup, shrimp cocktail, and banana pudding, and since the luck buff stacks in Stardew Valley, you can increase the odds of catching Sea Jelly by making yourself very lucky indeed before fishing.

Granted, you might come up with treasure or rare fish instead, but since both are valuable, that’s not entirely a bad thing.

What is Sea Jelly for in Stardew Valley?

Sea Jelly has a few uses, but the main one is as an ingredient in Stardew 1.6’s new refinement machine, the Fish Smoker. You also need River Jelly, Cave Jelly, and hardwood to make it. Fish smokers double the value of any fish you put in there. It’s an excellent way to boost your profits from fishing and a must-have machine if you’re playing on the Riverland Farm.

Sea Jelly is best used as a crafting material.
Sea Jelly is best used as a crafting material.

Consuming Sea Jelly gives you a fishing buff for a short period, and it restores 75 energy and 33 health. You can ship it for 200 gold. Given how rare Sea Jelly is, though, we recommend hanging on to it unless you have no plans at all, ever, of selling a fish.

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