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How To Get PlayStation Studios PC Games For Less Than Steam Sale Prices

Fanatical is offering some of the best deals around on Sony's excellent PlayStation Studios games for PC.


A few years ago, the very idea of PlayStation-exclusive games appearing on a non-Sony platform sounded ridiculous. These days? Sony's first-party lineup has made its way to PC and has been met with huge success, allowing for a whole new audience to experience these games with all the benefits of those powerful systems (with occasional headaches. As part of Fanatical's Black Friday sale, you can build your own library of PlayStation's greatest hits for less than the prices offered in Steam's Autumn Sale. Plus, you'll get to spin the Black Friday wheel and get a coupon or free game by spending $12 or more.

All games are delivered instantly as Steam keys.

Cheaper than Steam--where you can currently find some great Autumn Sale deals--you can pick superhero action, a Nordic saga for the ages, a post-apocalyptic drama, a gorgeous action-platformer starring not one, but two Lombax, and plenty more.

All of these games are sold as Steam codes that you can redeem on your account, so it's not like you'll need another launcher to access them. Some of the highlights include Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a pair of terrific open-world action games starring New York's favorite webheads. Insomniac raised the bar for Spider-Man games with these new entries, as they combine heart, charm, and exhilarating gameplay into a fun package of web-slinging.

Looking for some Saturday morning cartoon fun? Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is an effortlessly charming platformer starring the PlayStation icons and their multiversal counterparts. The game really shines visually if you've got the hardware for it and the weapons are wonderfully chaotic. Rift Apart released earlier this year on PC, so this is a fantastic deal.

If you're feeling masochistic then you can pick up Returnal from developer HouseMarque. A third-person Souls-like mixed with arcade bullet-hell gameplay, Returnal is unrelentingly difficult and yet incredibly compelling as you attempt to finally escape a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth.

The Last of Us Part 1 is down from $60 to almost half-price at $34.80, so this is an affordable way to experience the source material of the hit HBO series. At only $11, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is a steal that'll scratch your itch for open-world exploration. Who doesn't want to topple giant robot dinosaurs?

Days Gone might be considered the weakest game on this list, but it has its charm. It's a zombie apocalypse game starring characters with hilarious names, and the Oregon landscape is hauntingly beautiful when you're not running for your life as you're being chased by hundreds of flesh-hungry cannibals who have your scent.

It's worth pointing out that DualSense controllers are also on sale, and these allow you to play the PlayStation Studios games with all of their delightful haptic feedback features on your PC. You will need to be wired via a USB-C cable to experience those subtle jolts to your hands, but a DualSense is a great controller regardless and can make other PC games feel even more fun to play.

PS5 DualSense Controller

$49 ($70) | Compatible with: PS5, PC, iOS, Android

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