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How To Get More Digipicks (Lockpicks) In Starfield

You'll need plenty of these lockpicks to navigate the big wide world of Starfield.


In Starfield, digipicks replace lockpicks in both name and process, though their function is reliably familiar: Get into loot boxes and rooms you would otherwise not have access to. These digipicks feel pretty rare at the start of the game, which may lead you to wonder how to get more of them. While there's no way easy way to quickly amass dozens of them, there are methods you can use to ensure you're always finding a few more on each mission, eventually building up your inventory enough to where you could lockpick the entire universe. Now there's an idea. Anyway, here's how to get more lockpicks, AKA digipicks, in Starfield.

Where to get digipicks in Starfield

Digipicks are an item you'll always want to have, and for proof, just find yourself without one staring at a safe, weapon lockbox, or a locked door that would help you sneakily circumvent some enemies on a mission. It hurts to be without any digipicks.

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To ensure you never have to live in that reality, be sure to take these steps as often as you can during your adventure:

  • Merchants, such as those in the Spaceport of New Atlantis, often sell three digipicks at a time, and their inventory refreshes every 24 hours, though digipicks won't always reappear, in our experience. You could try buying out all of a merchant's digipicks, then speed up time by sitting or sleeping and electing to wait 24 hours. Then, check if they have more to sell.
  • Enemies will often carry digipicks. We got into the habit of looting all defeated enemies for two things, at the very least: ammo and digipicks. You'll be hurting for both early on, so grab all you can.
  • Interiors often have digipicks strewn about, and you can more easily scan for them )and other items) by using your scanner. To do this, press LB and you'll see all items that can be picked up feature a blue outline when viewed from the scanner.
  • Outside of hubs, like Neon or New Atlantis, you can sometimes come across merchants who sell more than just three digipicks at a time, allowing you to possibly repeat the aforementioned tip with greater returns.

In a lot of cases, a digipick is just one way out of a problem, and if you pick the best skills in Starfield, you'll have more than one route to success anyway.

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