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How To Get Acacia In Skull And Bones

Acacia is the crucial resource needed to build your first ship in Skull and Bones, so here's how to get it.


After an hour or so in Skull and Bones, you'll arrive in Sainte-Anne and get the chance to build your first ship. While your tiny raft with a sail can get where you need to go, you need a proper ship if you want to fully experience what Skull and Bones has to offer. Before you can christen your new ship, though, the Shipwright at Sainte-Anne needs you to gather some supplies. One of those supplies is a resource called Acacia, and it's tricky to obtain.

To see how you can acquire Acacia and get on with your ship building in Skull and Bones, take a look at the guide below.

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How to harvest Acacia in Skull and Bones

Once you're done talking with the Shipwright about your new ship, you can check your map to see several new markers with logs in them have popped up. These markers indicate where you can find Acacia around the map, so you need to set sail and head towards one of the markers.

I recommend choosing the one I marked in the screenshot below, as it has all of the Acacia you'll need:

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Before you head out of Sainte-Anne, though, make sure you have crafted a Saw at the Carpenter's store. This is the only way to harvest Acacia. You want to also ensure your Saw is on your ship and not in your warehouse.

Once you have arrived at a location with Acacia, you need to get as close to the shore as possible. Acacia is a tree with a light trunk and bright green leaves, and it shines brighter than other trees that surround it. As you get close to the shoreline where a group of Acacia trees are, a prompt should appear on screen that says "Harvest Acacia."

However, the trees can be a little finicky, as some of them don't make the prompt appear. I had to try a couple of different locations before I was able to harvest any Acacia. If this happens to you, just keep moving from marker to marker until you find one that lets you harvest the tree.

Once you're able to harvest some Acacia, let your Saw do the work and you'll soon have some of the resource in your inventory. You'll likely have to go to a couple of different locations to get the eight necessary Acacia you need to build your ship. At the marker I outlined above, there are a few plots of Acacia trees along the shoreline you can harvest, which give you more than enough.

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There are also some random Acacia logs floating in the water near this location, though. You can simply pass over them in your ship and press the interact button to add the resource to your inventory.

In any case, as long as you visit enough of the Acacia markers on your map, you'll eventually have what you need to return to Sainte-Anne, go to the Shipwright, and start construction on your new ship in Skull and Bones.

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