How To Get Iron In V Rising

Learn where you can find iron so you can upgrade both your gear and castle in V Rising.


The early game of V Rising is chock-full of helpful hints, easy-to-follow guides on how to find materials, and a tutorial on setting up your first base. However, as the game progresses these hints stop coming in as frequently, leaving players to fend for themselves in the world of Vardoran. If you want to survive in the world as a hated vampire, then you're going to need to equip yourself with better gear and a stronger castle. One simple way to achieve both of those goals is with iron, an advanced resource in V Rising. You will also need to find resources such as a whetstone and leather as well.

Like stone and copper, iron is a mineral that can be mined throughout the various locations on the map. Unlike with stone and copper, though, the game doesn't offer much in the way of help when you start to need iron. Luckily, the process of finding iron is fairly simple and only requires you to advance enough in the story. We lay out the full process of procuring iron in V Rising below.

Finding iron

In contrast to copper, iron is a mineral that can't be mined anywhere on the V Rising map. Instead, iron is only located in one area, the Haunted Iron Mine. This point of interest is an unnamed region on the map located in the southern part of the Dunley Farmlands. Players who have established a base in the starting area of Farbane Woods will have to travel somewhat far to reach the mine. If players are planning to make the trek from Farbane to the mine, they need to remember that they can't teleport with a resource like iron in their inventory. This means players will need to avoid the sun for large portions of their trip.

The Haunted Iron Mine is located in the southern part of Dunley Farmlands. The easiest path to get there is to take the small isle that connects the Farbane Woods to Dunley Farmlands on the eastern side of the map. This isle is located just west of the Hallowed Mountains and due north from the starting teleporter in the East Farbane Woods. We've screenshotted the mine's exact location below.

The location of the Haunted Iron Mine is marked by the skull on the map. Image credit:
The location of the Haunted Iron Mine is marked by the skull on the map. Image credit:

Once you're in Dunley Farmlands, head east until you reach the central part of the southern tip of the region. Here, you will find the Haunted Iron Mine, which contains dozens and dozens of iron veins for players to mine. You will need a Copper Mace or better to mine the iron, so make sure you have a weapon of that standard in your inventory. You can spend as much time as necessary mining iron veins and also searching in chests scattered around the mine. Be warned, though, as the level 52 boss Meredith the Bright Archer lurks around the central part of the mines. If you're not prepared, this boss can eliminate your HP within seconds.

After you have enough iron, you can return to your base to smelt the iron into iron ingots at a furnace. Although, in order to do this, you first need the iron ingot recipe. This is only attainable by defeating the boss Quincey the Bandit King, who has a recommended level of 37. Quincey can be tracked from the Blood Altar in your base. They are located at the Bandit Stronghold in the northern part of Farbane Woods. This is also where you can acquire some whetstones if you're so inclined.

With Quincey defeated and the Bandit Stronghold ransacked, you can finally go to your furnace, insert the iron, and wait for the station to churn out valuable iron ingots. You're now able to use the iron ingots to craft much stronger gear along with new additions to your castle.

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