How To Get Horror Story In Destiny 2: Forsaken's Festival Of The Lost

Power up with this sought-after auto rifle.


Destiny 2 has seen a significant uptick in fresh content since the launch of the Forsaken expansion. The latest update is the Festival of the Lost event, which runs between now and November 6 and introduces lots of new gear and cosmetics. The most sought-after reward in the whole event is a new auto rifle called Horror Story.

Horror Story is a fully-Masterworked Legendary auto rifle that comes with Zen Moment and Rampage. It's also locked at 600 Light, which will give a nice Power boost to lower-level players. You can buy Horror Story from Amanda Holliday in the Tower, but to do so you'll need to save up 120 Fragmented Souls, a new currency that was introduced in the Festival of the Lost. And the only way to get Fragmented Souls is to participate in a new PvE event called the Haunted Forest. Here's everything you'll need to do.

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(If you've already unlocked the Haunted Forest, you can check out these 10 tips for surviving the Haunted Forest as well as a trick for escaping the scary pit at the end of each run.)

Unlock the Haunted Forest

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The first thing you'll need to do after downloading the latest Destiny 2 update is head to the hangar in the east end of the Tower and talk to Amanda Holliday. She'll give you a Master Rahool mask and assign you a mission to investigate Lost Sectors on Io. Drop in at The Rupture on Io and complete the mission. Once you do, head back to the Tower and talk to Amanda, who will ask you to investigate the Haunted Forest.

As luck would have it, you can find the Haunted Forest right on the map of the Tower. Before you launch, equip your mask and apply one of the three mods available for it. Also make sure to equip a favorable loadout before launching, because for some reason your gear is locked for the duration of this quest step.

The Haunted Forest is a darker, spookier version of the Infinite Forest, but your goal is simple. All you have to do here is clear out the enemies in each area until the text on the screen reads, "Branch clear 100%." At this point, you'll be teleported to a battle against a Nightmare version of a boss.

Defeat it, and you'll be returned to the Tower, where you'll have to talk to Amanda one more time. She'll give you a nice reward for your trouble: the Fighting Lion grenade launcher, along with its catalyst. Now the Haunted Forest is open for business, which means you can begin collecting Fragmented Souls.

Get Bounties

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Regular trips through the Haunted Forest will net you a handful of Fragmented Souls, but collecting the 120 you'll need to buy Horror Story requires a good deal of grinding, so you'll want to maximize your time by getting all the advantages you can.

To get additional Souls, you can pick up all of the bounties Amanda Holliday has on offer. She sells five daily bounties that grant you one Soul each, plus one weekly bounty that gets you 40 Souls. To complete the weekly one you'll need to do 15 Festival bounties, which is worthwhile, considering the weekly bounty gets you a third of the Souls you'll need to buy the weapon.

Grind the Haunted Forest

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Once you have the bounties, it's time to head back to the Haunted Forest. You have two options for entering it: Haunted Forest and Firewalled Haunted Forest. The only difference is that Haunted Forest has matchmaking, while the Firewalled one does not. To maximize your Souls you'll need a team of three players, so make sure to launch into the standard Haunted Forest option unless you're already in a three-person Fireteam.

Each Haunted Forest run is similar to the one you did to unlock the area, except you and your partners have 15 minutes to clear as many branches as possible. When the timer runs out, you'll be able to finish the branch you're currently on, unless your team wipes. When it's over, you'll be transported near a loot chest that contains the Fragmented Souls you've earned. Don't worry if you fail to collect the Souls for whatever reason--they'll be waiting at the Postmaster.

As you collect Fragmented Souls, you might be tempted to spend them on masks and other items Holliday is selling, but you'll probably want to wait until you get your hands on Horror Show before buying up the rest of her inventory. In any case, just make sure you save up 120 Souls before the Festival of the Lost goes away on November 6.

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