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How To Get Guns In Palworld

In this game some call Pokegun, it actually takes a while to get the guns.


Palworld is the "Pokemon-with-guns" game many have long wished for, and now that it's out in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, we can finally see how such an odd but desired concept comes together. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to actually get guns in Palworld since it's not immediately obvious.

Palworld - How to unlock guns

Though Palworld borrows a lot from Pokemon (as well as Breath of the Wild), there are also plenty of Minecraft-like elements in play. Most notably, you'll start the game with basically nothing but the clothes on your back, needing to craft your way to survival. Crafting guns is one such milestone, but you won't likely achieve it for some time in-game. That's because you unlock the ability to craft guns when you reach player level 20.

At level 20, you'll receive the blueprint for crafting the Weapon Workbench. You'll need this to make guns that you can use, which are vital for the game's many challenging boss battles with powerful, sometimes massive creatures called Pals, as seen in our gallery of all Pals in Palworld.

The Weapon Workbench unlocks at player level 20.
The Weapon Workbench unlocks at player level 20.

Weapon Workbench crafting recipe

At player level 20 you can craft the Weapon Workbench with the following recipe:

  • 15 Ingot
  • 50 Wood
  • 10 Nails

But again, this is how to equip yourself with guns. If you want to arm your Pals, you can actually do that a bit sooner.

Guns for your Pals

As far as we can tell, the earliest way to put guns in the hands of your Pals is to capture a Lifmunk, a green rodent-like creature, who can be found roaming the land--we've noted their habitat below so you know where to look for them.

Find Lifmunks roaming at these hotspots.
Find Lifmunks roaming at these hotspots.

At player level 11, you unlock Lifmunk's ability, Lifmunk Recoil. Note that you must first have also captured a Lifmunk for this skill to appear in the tech menu, and they aren't one of the Palworld starter Pals. This allows you to command the Lifmunk to jump on your head and fire off a barrage of gunfire in the direction you're pointing. It's only a limited-use skill, so it's maybe not as helpful as just equipping your own guns for battle, but if you're in it for that aforementioned novelty of "Pokegun," this is your best bet to see it in action for yourself. And it sure is a novel sight to behold.

Come with me if you want to Lifmunk.
Come with me if you want to Lifmunk.

Lastly, like we say in our Palworld tips and tricks, you can level up much faster if you tweak the difficulty sliders, which will allow you to unlock these new items and mechanics, among many others, much faster.

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