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How To Get Free Halo Sails In Sea Of Thieves

New and returning Halo crossover cosmetics are now available in Sea of Thieves.


Halo Infinite multiplayer is out now, and the campaign is just around the corner, set to hit Xbox platforms including Game Pass and PC on December 8. To celebrate the launch, Sea of Thieves players can once again log into the pirate sandbox and claim the free Spartan set, but time is running short. Here's how and when to grab the Halo set in Sea of Thieves before it disappears, as well as a preview of the new Halo sails coming very soon.

How to get Halo Spartan set in Sea of Thieves

The Spartan Ship Set first brought Master Chief and other things emblematic of Xbox's flagship franchise to Sea of Thieves in 2019. The complete set includes sails, a flag, and a full range of on-deck accessories like a captain's wheel, cannons, and a capstan. This elusive set is still free in-game, but you only have until December 1 at midnight PT / 3 AM ET to claim it.

To unlock this returning Halo set, simply log into Sea of Thieves before that time, and you'll find the cosmetics will have been automatically added to your ship customization items, which you can access at any Shipwright kiosk on the game's various Outposts. Keep in mind that while these cosmetics often appear immediately, sometimes there's a short delay in their dispersal. So long as you head into the (very sandy) sandbox before that time, you should receive the full slate of cosmetics on offer--if you didn't get them when they were first available for a limited time two summers ago.

How to get new Halo Noble Spartan sails in Sea of Thieves

Sail the seas with the newest Halo crossover.
Sail the seas with the newest Halo crossover.

If you're the type of pirate who keeps up with their free Sea of Thieves items, you likely don't need the Spartan set, but the Noble Spartan sails are new to everyone and they too can be unlocked only for a short time. Like the rehashed Spartan set, the Noble Spartan sails--and matching flag--will be available by simply loading into the game's open world any time between December 1 and December 8.

These new sails feature a blue-green backdrop and the insignia Halo fans will recognize as the Legendary difficulty skull from Halo's hardest mode, swapping would-be energy swords for more pirate-appropriate cutlasses. You won't need to set sail, dig up treasure, or even take a swig of grog from your frothing tankard. Simply awaken in a tavern and enjoy the free stuff.

As the first Xbox first-party game to arrive in Game Pass at launch, Sea of Thieves has enjoyed a long tail the likes of which recent Game Pass additions such as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are designed to have too. Sea of Thieves crossovers have not been rare (though they are made by Rare), and include games such as Gears of War, Ori and the Blind Forest, State of Decay, and even Borderlands, among others.

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