How To Get Fortnite's Gold Lara Croft Style From NPC #50, Orelia

Though you may want to give it a day or two before you try to unlock it.


Fortnite update 16.40 has just dropped, and it brought with it the island's 50th NPC of Season 6, Orelia, a woman version of Oros, the gilded skeleton king. Orelia is his queen, and if you want to unlock the Lara Croft Gold Anniversary Style, you'll want to seek her out and take her on. Here's what you need to know about Orelia, the Lara Croft Gold Anniversary Style, and Orelia's assault rifle, which acts as the key to unlocking the bonus for the tomb raider.

Where Is Fortnite NPC 50 - Orelia

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Orelia is located south of Flush Factory in the very bottom region of the map, southeast of Slurpy Swamp. A few weeks ago, we covered the formation of a new landmass in Fortnite which players were speculating may be the beginnings of a volcano. While that theory could prove true later, for now, the space is occupied by the skeleton queen, Orelia.

Orelia resides on the first floor of the new stone structure and keeps a watchful eye over her Legendary Assault Rifle, which rests teasingly nearby on display. You can see her here, along with her gun, as well as what happens if you pick it up without paying her the 750 Gold Bars she demands in dialogue.

How To Unlock Lara Croft Gold Anniversary Style

Lara's golden alternate Style was teased at the start of the season, but Epic had given no answers yet as to how players could unlock it. With update 16.40, the gold Lara is finally available, though players are reporting a pair of obstacles standing in the way of getting the new alternate Style.

To unlock the Lara Croft Gold Anniversary Style, first load into a match dressed as the Lara Croft 25th Anniversary Style--the one with the green shirt that Battle Pass owners unlock at tier 22. Drop on Orelia's location at the new, small island south of Flush Factory. As you approach, Orelia will not be hostile but her Legendary Assault Rifle will be beside her on display. Pick it up as Lara and you should immediately change Styles and become the Gold Anniversary version of Lara Croft. Note that this will also turn Orelia hostile, so you may want to escape quickly.

However, many players are reporting some delay in the Style being added to their Lockers, leading to confusion. Some said they turned gold right away upon equipping the forbidden weapon during the match. Others said they didn't turn gold right away but found the Gold Anniversary Style in their Lockers after the match. Others have even said they met the unlock conditions or even killed Orelia after picking up her gun and still didn't unlock the Style at all or not until playing more rounds of Battle Royale, so it appears there's been some delay in Epic awarding the new Style to eligible players.

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On top of that issue, there's also the mass of players descending on Orelia's location right now. At the time of writing, each match is bringing a dozen or more players to her island. Veteran Fortnite players are surely used to this, as the same thing has happened in previous seasons such as when Wolverine or The Mandolorian were new arrivals. Still, if you're looking to avoid the current chaos of Orelia's hotspot, give it a day or two before you descend on her stone monument. Maybe by then, the game's delayed disbursement of the Style will be resolved too.

As for everything else new in today's update, check out the Fortnite 16.40 patch notes.

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