How To Get Destiny 2's New Mech Armor Ornaments During Festival Of The Lost

Get some good-looking Gundam armor easily during Destiny 2's Halloween event.


With Festival of the Lost kicking off three weeks of spooktacular treats in Destiny 2, now is a great time to update your Guardian wardrobe for the threats that lie ahead in Season 19 and the upcoming Lightfall expansion. In the Halloween catalog is a collection of ornaments that you can grab right now for your favorite gear, which features mechanized anime influences and sleek style. And you don't even need to spend real-world to get it.

If you're unfamiliar with ornaments, these are essentially skins that you can apply to your individual pieces of armor, so if you've been pouring resources into a build that suits your playstyle, you won't have to worry about starting over from square one. The only exception here are Exotic armor pieces, so if you want the full look, you'll have to go without one of those powerful pieces of gear.

These mech ornaments will need to be purchased, and you've got two choices for grabbing them from the Eververse store.

They're mechnificent.
They're mechnificent.

You can either spend some real cash on the premium Silver currency, or you can cash in some Bright Dust instead and get them for free. It's not readily apparent at first that you can do this, and at a Silver cost of 2,500 (about $25) per ornament set, the price tag for these limited-edition ornaments are quite expensive.

In contrast, you'll pay 6,000 Bright Dust per set using a currency that can easily be earned in the game by completing various seasonal challenges. Simply scroll down to the Bright Dust section of the Eververse Store and you'll see these cosmetics for sale there.

Depending on your class, you'll be able to purchase these ornament sets:


Mechanized Protector Titan armor ornaments
Mechanized Protector Titan armor ornaments
  • Mechanized Protector Gauntlets
  • Mechanized Protector Helm
  • Mechanized Protector Mark
  • Mechanized Protector Plate
  • Mechanized Protector Greaves


Machined Skirmisher Hunter armor ornaments
Machined Skirmisher Hunter armor ornaments
  • Machined Skirmisher Cloak
  • Machined Skirmisher Mask
  • Machined Skirmisher Sleeves
  • Machined Skirmisher Strides
  • Machined Skirmisher Vest


Mobile Exoskeleton Warlock armor ornaments
Mobile Exoskeleton Warlock armor ornaments
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Hood
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Gloves
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Cloak
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Boots
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Bond

Beyond these great ornament sets, Festival of the Lost has a number of other great items that you can earn and purchase this year. The new Event Card is loaded with challenges that'll reward you with a creepy spaceship, a very cool sniper rifle, and plenty of resources that will come in handy for upgrades.

For more details you can check out our Festival of the Lost and Haunted Sectors guides, although you might want to wait a day for a hotfix as there's a Spectral Pages bug going around that's blocking some progression.

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