How To Unlock New CoD Season 5 Weapons: EM2, TEC-9, Cane In Warzone/Black Ops Cold War

The EM2 assault rifle, TEC-9 submachine gun, and cane can all be unlocked right now.


With the launch of Call of Duty Season 5, a number of new weapons have been added to the game for use in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. The EM2 assault rifle, TEC-9 submachine gun, and cane melee weapon can all be yours for free, but you'll need to put in some time in order to unlock them. Here's how to get your hands on them, what to expect from each, and a look at all of the new weapon blueprints added as part of the Season 5 battle pass.

How to unlock EM2


Unlocking the EM2 is exceedingly simple: You just need to reach tier 15 of this season's battle pass. This is a free reward, so you don't need to actually purchase the battle pass to gain access to this reward once you hit level 15, though purchasing the battle pass (and gaining the benefit of 10% bonus XP) will help you to reach that milestone more quickly.

The EM2 is a full-auto assault rifle, and although its fire rate isn't especially high, it comes equipped with a low-zoom optic by default, meaning you won't need to rely on iron sights when you first start using it.

How to unlock TEC-9


The TEC-9 submachine gun is unlocked in a similar fashion. Simply reach tier 31 from the battle pass to start using it. Once again, you don't need to purchase the battle pass to actually receive this reward; it's available for free to everyone by simply ranking up enough. (In Zombies, you can unlock it by using a melee weapon to kill 20+ enemies in a row without getting hit 50 times.)

The TEC-9 is a semi-auto SMG with fairly high speed and accuracy stats compared to most other SMGs. If you don't like the semi-auto style, attachments will let you change that to either a three-round burst or fully automatic.

How to unlock the cane

Season 5's cane weapon
Season 5's cane weapon

Unlike the guns above, the cane is unlocked by completing an associated challenge. This will require you to be equipped with another melee weapon, as the challenge calls for you to get a kill with a melee weapon on an enemy who has been affected by your stun grenade or flashbang. You'll need to do this in 15 different completed matches.

The cane is just that--a walking cane that turns lethal in the hands of Call of Duty combatants. It features identical stats to the mace, but it's a bit classier looking when you're not smacking people over the head with it. You can customize the look (and get some other goodies) with the Stolen Goods bundle on the store.

New weapon blueprints

Alongside the actual new weapons, the Season 5 battle pass introduces a number of weapon blueprints. You can get a look at those below along with the tier at which you unlock them. Unlike the base weapons, you will need to purchase the battle pass to gain access to most of these blueprints (a few can be unlocked for free and are marked as such below). Most notable among these is likely the Geomatik assault rifle unlocked at tier 95; this has a glowing effect that increases in intensity as you earn kills during a match.

  • Tier 5: Great Emperor (legendary assault rifle)
  • Tier 18: Tea Time (legendary pistol)
  • Tier 21: Battle Bronze (legendary assault rifle) -- free
  • Tier 24: Blue Steed (rare shotgun) -- free
  • Tier 27: Toad Nugget (legendary submachine gun)
  • Tier 35: Prompt Input (rare light machine gun)
  • Tier 38: Flash Tattoo (epic assault rifle)
  • Tier 42: Silent Reel (legendary submachine gun)
  • Tier 45: Type Writer (rare tactical rifle)
  • Tier 51: Death Touch (epic assault rifle)
  • Tier 55: Red Torpedo (legendary assault rifle) -- free
  • Tier 59: Tropic Punch (epic submachine gun)
  • Tier 65: Silent Roar (legendary shotgun)
  • Tier 71: Low Rider (legendary assault rifle)
  • Tier 76: Noble Knight (legendary sniper rifle)
  • Tier 81: Maple Leaf (legendary pistol) -- free
  • Tier 85: Death Angel (legendary tactical rifle)
  • Tier 89: Pincer Spike (legendary melee)
  • Tier 95: Geomatik (ultra assault rifle)
  • Tier 100: Microchip (legendary submachine gun)

For more, check out the Call of Duty Season 5 patch notes. This big update launches in the midst of both the expected reveal of Call of Duty: Vanguard and the ongoing upheaval at Activision Blizzard, as the company deals with the fallout of California's recently filed lawsuit against the company.

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