How to Get All Batman: Arkham Knight Retailer Exclusive DLC

If you got the Premium edition or Season Pass, you're good.


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As with many big releases these days, Batman: Arkham Knight is available to preorder at several retailers, each offering their own exclusive preorder bonuses.

If you're a completionist, however, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently clarified that there's a way to get all this retailer-specific content in one big purchase.

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"Throughout the 6 months of additional Batman: Arkham Knight content, Premium and Season Pass owners will also receive the in-game content that is offered through various retail pre-order incentives," Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment community admin Yorick said on the game's official forums. "This includes the Harley Quinn and Red Hood Story Packs, and the Prototype Batmobile. For those who did not receive the content with their game, these items will become available when their respective exclusivity windows expire in August/September."

In short, Premium Edition and Season Pass owners will receive all retail exclusive DLC after their respective early access periods expire.

In case you missed the news during E3 2015, developer Rocksteady recently announced that the the $200 Batmobile edition of the game has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality of the product, presumably the transforming Batmobile statue.

For more on Batman: Arkham Knight, check out GameSpot's review.

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Avatar image for arkhamknight15

Man hurry up I want the batman beyond skin!

Avatar image for dhartgrove13

I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem, but I preordered the game and got the season pass, I've entered all my codes and I have no Red Hood story pack.

Avatar image for xplus101

When I try to redeem my Prototype Batmobile code, it says it is the Harley Quinn Story Packs, which I already redeemed, Did anyone have the same problem?

Avatar image for marek

Hi I won Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass CD Key for steam... I will not play it because my PC is low for this... so i am selling it. Follow the link if you are iterested. I will sell it for low price. Thanks

Avatar image for the_real_VIP

Wait for the compilation version.

Avatar image for yoda101280

Warner Bros. is making me kind of mad they own this IP, hate these crappy exclusive retailer deals. Aside from being annoying it quite literally benefits the people actually buying the games in no way what so ever so all you're doing when you do that is saying screw you to your customers. I buy any PC game I play currently from Steam, that is my preferred retailer, the last time I've even set foot in a physical store is when I traded in my 'last gen' consoles to get a PS4, I even bought the digital version of Destiny. I can't think of any pre-order bonus they would ever be willing to offer that's going to make me go to a physical store if digital is an option. So to lock me out of content for months so WB can make a few extra dollars on their exclusivity deals just irks me to the core. I would love to hear their argument for how this practice in any way serves to benefit the gamers that buy their product.

Avatar image for virtuasega

@yoda101280: Why are you so against pyhsyical copies of games? You'd rather "rent" the games and not own them?

Avatar image for yoda101280

@virtuasega said:

@yoda101280: Why are you so against pyhsyical copies of games? You'd rather "rent" the games and not own them?

Not sure why you use the term "rent" games no difference in buying digital than physical. Games I buy digital I have them forever. The games I bought before I swapped to digital I don't have any of them anymore, I tend to trade in games not long after I've gotten all I want from them. Which oddly enough leads me to repurchasing a few when I get nostalgic.

That said though I'm not against physical stores or games nor did I say I was. What I said was MY preferred method of buy is digital. I would never opt to go to a physical store just for some skin pack or weapon pack that they generally offer as these retailer specific bonuses. I shouldn't have to shop some where I don't want to shop to buy their product. When you start practices that don't benefit your consumer just to milk a little extra cash, it's not a good thing.

Can you imagine if car manufacturers started doing that. "Sorry bud if you want the CD player and power windows you have to go to the dealership one city over, we only have Bluetooth and Power Seats."

Avatar image for ajjjevans

I know how, just wait a year for the GOTY edition for a far cheeper price.

Avatar image for derceto

Good lord. What colossal marketing trainwreck this game turned out to be. I've got a headache from trying to track the magnificent clusterf**k of "editions" and exclusive dlc this monstrosity has. I'm with, most, everyone else. GOTY edition for me. If one doesn't come out? Oh well. I can live without Batman.

Avatar image for deactivated-58bd60b980002

I knew it

Avatar image for demondogx

I bought witcher for 60$ because they gave me the entire game

With this one i will simply wait for the GOTY and possibly a nice discount during a sale.

Avatar image for ck02623

@demondogx: there is Witcher DLC too.

Avatar image for theninjaguydon

@ck02623: Yeah, but TW3 DLC will actually be legit, the stuff out now is like CDPR just basic stuff like armor and small side quests, etc. Stuff one would expect to get for free. The paid DLC will have some value I reckon'

Avatar image for wexorian

@theninjaguydon: Witcher 3 Paid dlc Story will last each at least 30-40 hours, it's pretty much standalone games.

Avatar image for ioshilee

@ck02623: Yes, but most of them are free (outfits, armor and single quests - almost any other publisher will charge you for that). And the paid ones will be separate story campains with hours of gameplay.

Avatar image for tsunami2311

There "shouldnt" be any retail specific dlc to begin with that goes for ALL games, would you any dev want to make contant for "specific" retail, and make so one some people have it.

Avatar image for chasloyal

The master race do tickle me with their constant goading of us the console untermensch community and here we have another prime example of it.

Anyway as a Brit marooned in rural Austria I tend to still make a lot of my purchases from UK retailers but also of course. For big expensive items I tend to pre-order them from both Amazon UK and Deutschland in the hope one might drop in price significantly at some point and cancel the more expensive one at the last possible minute which I did with the limited edition of this game on PS4.

As has been widely reported the Batmobile edition has been totally shelved and the limited edition delayed by about a month. So Friday afternoon Amazon UK mailed me telling me as I shouldn't have to wait beyond the release date to play the game I would receive a code to download it off PS store by the 23rd, nice! Then a few hours later Amazon Deutschland went one better by sending me codes for the game, 3 Batman Skins, Scarecrow nightmare missions, Harley Quinn challenge maps DLC and even a 10 Euro gift voucher for the inconvenience in their first mail about the matter ;-)

There is absolutely nothing stopping me cancelling both pre-orders in a couple of days time so I'll have got two digital copies of the game, all the DLC, the 10 Euro voucher I've already spent and perhaps a voucher from Amazon UK too for absolutely FREE if I so my reckoning that's a hell of a lot better than anything anyone else, even in the PC master race, has managed to get it for hohoho

Avatar image for insomniac

Yea I'll just wait for a GOTY edition, not shilling out an extra $40.

Avatar image for Deadlysyns87

Punish an amazing developer by not paying them for their time they put into the DLC you people who buy GOTY edition games are telling developers their time is not worth the money. Well i don't agree with DLC buying a GOTY edition is not going to get them to change their mind. Neither will not buying the DLC.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

And when people ask me why they shouldn't buy it, I will show em this article.

Avatar image for Wild_man_22

This will be a hard wait....but Warner Brothers had a pretty quick turnaround with The Shadows of Mordor game of the year edition. So maybe it won't be so bad...

Avatar image for davillain-

How to Get All Batman: Arkham Knight Retailer Exclusive DLC

Oh that's easy, wait for GOTY edition with all DLC. I was gonna buy it day one but I'm no fool and besides, I got Witcher 3 to keep me busy until then, GOTY it is for Batman: Arkham Knight. Shame too, cause I was gonna buy it day one.

Avatar image for insomniac

@davillain-: Same with me, I was really psyched about this game until I saw all this pre-order bs. Luckily I have Witcher 3 and MGS5 in Sept.

Avatar image for deathBRINGER201

@insomniac: I think the majority of us are in the same boat buddy lol. Jamming the witcher 3 till GOTY is out. Fallout 4 will be out before then too I can totally wait

Avatar image for Foppe

So the exclusive DLC is not exclusive?

Avatar image for ferval100

Here's my strategy for getting all the DLC: wait a year, buy the GOTY Edition on Steam's summer sale for 75% off. The only thing that may change is instead of waiting a year you may only have to wait a few months.

Avatar image for Myron117

@ferval100: Or get it for £15 now for PC Not all DLC but it's a *%^"£ing great price! I frequently buy from them so i can tell you its a legit site. (as its PC, the keys are region free).

Received key validation key for Steam today should be able to predownload on Monday

Avatar image for leeshunshin

Ok, so even if Batman Arkham Knight is just Batman Arkham City HD, but WB still doesn't get that and pushes a series of DLCs and pre-order crap that makes Evolve's scheme seem reasonable.

Avatar image for virtuasega

@leeshunshin: Lol, what?

Avatar image for MetaMods

The less ppl buying this kind of game, to show publisher we are not stupid consumers who would buy anything with AAA name on it.

Avatar image for deathBRINGER201

@MetaMods: This game will be sick its just the overload of pre-order DLC that just makes the masses take a step back and say NO. Good way to delay a big chunk of sales

Avatar image for xOmniCloudx

You get it next year in the complete/ultimate/final/GOTY release that will retail somewhere between $30-$60 (in the US). Hopefully all of it will be on disc but knowing WB, it could be all on disc or just a DLC card so you have to hope for the former.

Avatar image for Zloth2

We did these things years ago and publishers learned that it wasn't such a hot idea with any content of substance. Did Warner Brothers not get the memo?

Avatar image for xcollector

Wow! They just hacked this thing to pieces. And if sales are good every other game will be like this.

Avatar image for demonkingx5

just got my Key $35 premium edition why wait for a GOTY edition when i can get the same thing for $35 on PC now.

Avatar image for zaphod83

Eventually the goty edition will be available for less than $20. I'll wait. Besides, I have a ton of games I have yet to beat or even play.

Avatar image for catsimboy

So you're selling all the pre-order DLC to us later, thank you sooooo much. Can we pay to kiss your ass too?

Avatar image for Suikogaiden

This sort of bullshit makes me not want to buy the game. They lost this customer though may pick it up if I ever find it in the bargain bin.

Avatar image for Zloth2

@mjc0961: Unless you forget and end up buying the game in a Steam sale for half that.

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